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ASP: Your Internet Marketing Specialists

SEO_575Many small businesses are still overwhelmed by Internet Marketing and use of Social Media, especially those on  limited marketing budgets and those without any expertise on their staffs.  They need help just deciding whether try internet Marketing or  use Social Media at all, and if so which ones to use that will provide the most benefit for their particular business.

ASP is your internet marketing specialist with an entire department devoted to web development, search engine strategies, keyword research and deployment and social networking.

We  focus marketing and SEO knowledge on developing solutions specific to your products and services.

We have found that information specific to Internet marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, social media and other forms of traffic generation and conversion are often not being used effectively by Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) and small companies.

ASP Internet Marketing Tools

Website Design: We start here as it is the most important part of the Internet Marketing cycle. There is no point in getting visitors to your website if your website is not going to sell them. Sales rely first on the professionalism and quality of the sales copy on your website, and of course, on traffic quality, which we will get to later.

Keyword Research: It is critical to understand what search terms your potential customers will use when trying to find the solution to a problem that your product provides. The first part of this article focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and getting free traffic from search engines. Keyword research is critical. Who doesn’t want free traffic?!

Competitive Research: The best thing about your competition in Internet marketing is the fact that you can tell exactly what they are doing, from the copy they use and the keywords they target to the affiliates who promote them. Know a competitor is doing well? Copy his strategy and improve on it!

Link Strategies: This is the first part of a short-term strategy to obtain great search engine rankings. It involves getting listed on linkedin.com, facebook.com, twitter.com, download.com, and other social and industry- specific sites. We will discuss some tips on what a quality listing should look like.

Submissions: Here we go over how and why you should submit your products and services to directories. Seems quite obvious; however, this is where the trick comes in that will maximize the benefits from your submissions.

Deep Linking: This article builds on your initial submissions strategy and puts a turbo on the “neat little trick” you discovered under Submissions.

Link Building: Now that we have finished the short term strategy for search engine ranking, we need to gradually build on it with monthly link building. What you have done up to now will give results for the effort put in, but is only sustainable via continuous link building.

Article Marketing: Article Marketing is a very cost effective strategy. It provides three important benefits: quality links to your pages helping with SEO rankings; good content distributed around the Web, which sends interested quality traffic to your products and service pages; as well as positioning yourself in the niche your products and services target.

Pay Per Click: Pay per click can be very rewarding as it provides instant results (good or bad). Those with a reasonable advertising budget can get good results with pay per click.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing involves recruiting other web publishers or webmasters to sell your software via their web platforms for a commission. This article includes recruiting affiliates, commissions, and general tips and tactics.

ASP helps businesses, developers and vendors market products, software and services in fully managed Hosted Environments.

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