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Deep Link Directory Submissions

Short term search engine rankings are great, but how do we get our listing ranked well in the medium to long term?

Initially, we struggled for quite a while to discover how to generate a lot of backlinks for a software listing on download.com. This was due to the fact that most link directories only allow you to submit a domain URL such as (http://www.domain.com), and do not allow deep links such as (http://www.domain.com/yoursoftwarelisting.html)

Then we heard about deep link directories, and to our surprise, there where quite a few! They may not be the mainstream directories you are used too, such as Yahoo directory with high page rank and back links, but this is not a problem.

Remember that we do not need authority or high page rank links to Google’s pages, as they already have the authority.  What we need now are continuous, lower quality links, which allow Google to see that the page has “votes”, and it will generally begin to rank well.

Steps to submitting to deep link directories:

  • Pick 3-5 keywords (definitely the 3 you used in the other listings) and 2 others that are similar to the other 3 (contain one of the words etc), if possible.
  • Add an extra word or two to the keyword phrases. EG: If your keyword is eCRM software you want to make it something similar to “great eCRM software“. This makes the links pointing to your page seem natural as the link text does not simply contain the keyword, which can be considered spam. This confirms to the Google spiders that the link is natural and genuine and not created or bought by you.
  • Append your product or service name to the keyword, and this will be your directory link “title”. Most directories want you to use the site or page name in the title. In this case, the product name will suffice.  EG:

             eCRM’s Software - Great eCRM software
             eCRM’s Software - Cheap eCRM software

  • Write a 150 character description including your main two or three keywords.  The description must make sense and look natural.

Deep Link Submission prices range from $50.00 for 1 url with 50 submissions,  to $250.00 for 12 urls with 100 submissions. Obviously the more directories you submit to the higher your chances of success.

Why pay for link submissions?

  • You get manual submissions by an experienced editor.
  • 12 URL’s will each get 100 Submissions.
  • The company will Email you a copy of all web directories and the location (category) of each submission. They organize and confirm your order so you don’t have to bother checking directory emails.
  • You can request slow “natural” submissions at no extra cost.

Ok, that was an easy but key step. Next we look at ongoing link generation for your listing.

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