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ING customers in Poland targeted by malware

A version of the Zeus malware that intercepts one-time passcodes sent by SMS (Short Message Service) is targeting customers of the financial institution ING in Poland.

In the turbulent times of tax restructuring nonprofits are the ones that could be hurt the most by some of the changes that are on the table. These new deals to extend the Bush era tax cuts or some variation of them stand the chance of having a significant financial impact on the donations that many nonprofits rely on to be able to do their good deeds. Why does estate tax affect nonprofits?Many nonprofits... (more...)

Do you have the comparable compensation data the IRS requires for the top executives in your organization? Do you know if your employee salaries are in line with the nonprofit marketplace? The NonProfit Times 2010 Salary and Benefits Report provides the comparable compensation data nonprofit organizations need to satisfy IRS Form 990 requirements. The IRS requires nonprofit organizations to report... (more...)

Who says the economy is in the tank? You’d never know it with all of the money pouring into the political campaigns. And, organizations all over the country are announcing massive campaigns, several eclipsing the $1 billion mark. Capital campaign donations are fundraising’s luxury gifts. “In the hierarchy of fundraising, capital campaign gifts rank the highest because they usually have the... (more...)

Nonprofits across the board saw salary increases move up on average 2.1 percent for executive and administrative staff this year, according to the results of the new The NonProfit Times/BlueWater “2010 Nonprofit Organizations Salary & Benefits Report” just issued. This survey is among the most extensive compensation survey ever conducted, covering 259 titles and 34 benefit offerings. “This... (more...)