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ASP: Your Personal Training Service

My Digital Trainer™

Call Application Solution Providers at 866-764-8324

We provide personal desktop and software training on everything we host. – Computers don’t think, people do.

Our friendly, experienced staff will save you time and money as you learn from the comfort of your home or office.

We provide a more familiar and standard experience, without the expense of travel, and allow users to apply their training in the same environment where they work.


  • Do you wish you could show instead of tell someone how to get it done? – ASP can provide training using you your software on your virtual desktop using your computer from our offices.
  • Tired of long hold times with vendor training and support desks ? – ASP can double your productivity less time for half the cost by reducing repetition, increasing retention.
  • Do you want to spend more time learning and less time becoming familiar with your workstations and software? – With ASP, you will  experience faster response times and the same desktop no matter what device you use.
  • Do you wish you could avoid unnecessary upgrades and new software? – Most users only use 20% of the features of their software and operating system. Then they buy more software for specific tasks that existing software already performs.

Training users on their local workstations with remote control software can be time consuming and slow. Most of the time is spent installing and maintaining the remote control software and fixing unrelated issues the local machine, not training the user. With ASP, users receive one on one training and then use their knowledge immediately on their managed desktop. When they move to another workstation  or device they are presented with the same familiar desktop where they work and received their training.

As software vendors rush to create versions of their software that run in the cloud via your web browser, end users find that the same software doesn’t work the same way from one machine to the next. The software gets updated without their permission and behaves differently depending on which version and which browser they use or may not work at all. Running Cloud software from virtual desktop eliminates the differences caused by running the same software from different machines. We install update and maintain the correct uniform browsers for you.


For more detailed information about how our Managed Application Development and Hosting can help your business Call Application Solution Providers at 866-764-8324, Send us an email, or Submit an Information Request.