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ASP: Your IT Consulting Service

consulting_575ASP provides expert business software, application consulting, and hosting services. We will help you buy, build, or host any software program for your business. Our professional software expert advisory services will include an array of scenario-targeted services which all drive our value points of sales, profit, productivity, loyalty and morale.

Our Professional Software Consultants will start discussing your software needs on the level of the decision-making process where you are presently. Some individuals may need software while others may already have an appropriate software application.

The Five Steps

  • Does the software you already own do more than you realize? – Many software problems can be solved simply by training. Applications have become so feature rich that many users are not even aware of the capabilities they already have.
  • Can you customize your software?- Today’s Software has a wide variety of tools and options. Well written software does not assume all business are equal. Your software likely provides many ways to change aesthetic, functional, and logical behavior to meet your needs.
  • Can you Intigrate your Software? – Sometimes the problem is a lack of integration. Each software application does what you want but you have too many applications to manage, redundant data, and a level of complexity which waste time and money.
  • Is there an Inexpensive Add-in or Plug-in available? – Well designed Software supports 3rd party add-ins that augment the functionality of your existing applications.
  • Is there a new application that already meets your needs? – Most software does 80% of what you want. Remember, you will spend 80% of your time and money on the last 20%. New software should be analyzed to make sure it meets your needs.

Buy Vs. Build
For those who need software, the first question is often whether to buy or build a custom software application. If you are unsure, our Professional Software Consultants will assist you in a needs analysis, business process study and documentation overview to give you insight as to whether buying or building would be the best solution for you.

Our Professional Software Consultants help individuals buy the right software by drawing up selection criteria, solution identification, vendor selection and a timeline definition. With this in hand, we then perform a Total Cost of Ownership analysis to ensure that you are getting the most value and highest return on investment from the software you select.

Integrate- Off-the-shelf software applications may have the features you are looking for, but may be incompatible with other applications that are part of your business. In this case, our Professional Software Consultants would discuss how we could integrate the two systems together. We would begin by performing a corporate systems middle ware evaluations to determine how best to proceed with the integration.

Customize – The software application you purchase may have a variety of features, but lack the one or two features critical to your business process. In this scenario, our Professional Software Consultants would do a functionality gap analysis to identify what functions are missing and how to customize the application to meet your needs.

Build – For individuals who have a specific design or functionality in mind and decide to build a custom software application we also have a detailed software consulting plan of action. The process begins with requirements gathering, scope definition and specification development. The next phase involves solution design, architecture and implementation, followed by documentation and maintenance of the finished project.

We Understand IT…
You know your business, we know Information Technology. ASP Consultants apply cost effective Information Technology (IT) Solutions to your industry specific problems. We network Software, Hardware, Communications, and Network engineers with industry professionals to create a problem solving team.

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