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“Thank you for all the reliable service throughout the years. Even though I was a very small company your customer support and tech support treating me as if I was a multi-million dollar company. Thank you for always being able to pick up the phone you and your company has been one of the smoothest most consistent service providers that I’ve ever dealt with and I appreciate it.”

Crisco Heating and Air, LLC
Patrick Crisco


My company has used ASP for over 18 years and whilst other companies have tried to entice us away be it because of cost or other we remain loyal to ASP. The number one factor is their customer service and care, I have always received prompt call backs when problems arose (which is rare).  Diana is a delight to work with and extremely patience when it comes to myself (President) who is not the most technically inclined.

Thanks for being there.


Andrew Lowrey
Precise Home Management


I truly enjoyed having and using the Digital Desktop!  By using the ASPDD, I was able to work from the beaches of India, the laundromat in Rome, the top of the Swiss Alps and any place around the world where I had an Internet connection.  And anytime-anywhere-I had a question, the ASP team was quick to respond and help me. I gladly endorse the product and you may continue to have people call me for my recommendation, and may publish this endorsement as part of your marketing efforts.

Truly a great team, an excellent product and a necessity for today’s e-powered world.  Thank you, All, so much!

All the best, Carol Diggs


I just wanted to take a moment to let you and your team know how happy we are with ASPDD.

When we began our company in 2000 we were very fortunate to have found your company to set up and run the ESGI web site.

I do not think anyone could find better service than what you have provided to us thru the years. Whenever there is a problem or we have a question your response time is almost immediate. We have not had any problem that was not addressed and fixed fast.

You ability to shadow me and fix any issues is second to none. I especially appreciate your keeping up with all the changing technology and your data base is the best we have seen in our business. Simple and easy to use and always right at our finger tips on desk top.

I have recommended ASPDD to many folks and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for all your support and counsel. We could not have been successful without you guys.


Evan Scott, President


Thank you for the alert this morning in regard to the Fake on line bill pay emails and the Fake LinkedIn email invitations   ~  Funny that there has been no notice from LinkedIn?

One more time to say Yay  ASP!!

Best Regards,  M


I have been meaning to send this note for some time. I wanted you to know that our use of your services has been, without a doubt, one of the best experiences I have ever had.

The service is outstanding, the people are great. I just wanted you to know you run one hell of an operation.
We should talk sometime so I can be sure to recommend those types clients you want to have. I know a lot of people here  that I could recommend.

Thank you
Jay Rowan


I have worked with Application Service Providers for over 1 year. They have made operating remotely a way of life for me and the other associates with Sparrow Company, LLC. No matter what time of day or night whether you are in the office,  hotel, or at your home you are always only a few clicks away  from your desk. Their technical support staff are friendly and always willing to assist with problems. I would recommend them for other recruitment offices, or generally speaking any industry that has the need for 24 hour access.

David Fishman
Managing Partner, Sparrow Company, LLC


Thank you as always for the assistance you provide.  Over the years I have been so very pleased and grateful for how responsive and caring you all are.  I am a small business owner and ASP is playing a significant role in how fast and efficient we turn around our clients’ demands.  There have been some late night and odd hour assistance we have needed regarding our system and integration of new software and cell phones etc and every single time you have been terrific and patient at walking me through each step.  Its is very reassuring to have such support and aside from the technology is one of the main reasons we choose to stay with ASP.


Scott R. Pelton
Surgical Sales


In our line of work time is money. ASP allows Oakhill Recruiting to utilize and maximize our time by relying on their expertise. Very rarely that I am left speechless but after my first conversation with ASP I was able to walk away and fully believe that ASP is the best option for Oakhill Recruiting and they surpass my every expectation on a daily basis. Thanks again for all that you do.
Josh Ballinger

President/Managing Partner
Oakhill Recruiting


Long time customer of ASI, Buffalo Supply, moved to a hosted environment for their business computing this spring. ASI originally began working with Buffalo Supply in 2005 to implement SYSPRO in-house. Since then, much has changed for Buffalo Supply, causing them to reconsider their IT environment and implement a hosted solution.

Buffalo Supply provides medical and surgical equipment to the federal government, and holds multiple FSS contracts. Before moving to their hosted solution, Buffalo Supply maintained five servers in-house to fulfill their IT needs. Each server would be replaced on a rotating basis so no server ever got to be too out of date. With the downturn of the economy, cuts had to be made. Buffalo Supply found themselves with aging servers, and it was time to act before those servers failed.

At this point, Buffalo Supply began to look at outsourcing their IT. One very important factor was their SYSPRO ERP system. When Buffalo Supply began using SYSPRO, they invested in a significant custom piece of software from ASI. That custom piece (along with SYSPRO) fits their needs, and is an investment they desired to protect. Buffalo Supply looked to hosting vendors to protect their investment.

After carefully considering their options, Buffalo Supply decided to use Application Solution Providers (ASP) in Longmont, CO. ASP now provides Buffalo with a three-layer server environment: a SQL server, a dedicated server for SYSPRO, and redundant application servers. With this solution, the only hardware Buffalo Supply needs in-house are basic computers for its users to log in to the application servers hosted by ASP. ASP provides backups and disaster recovery services, and provides a level of
security that is far beyond what Buffalo Supply is able to achieve on its own. ASP’s facility provides fire protection, internet connection redundancies to ensure continuous connectivity, power grid redundancies, and enough fuel to power their backup generators for a week in the event of an emergency.

While these kinds of services do come at a significant cost, Buffalo Supply is still seeing significant savings. Buffalo Supply doesn’t have the manpower to maintain the kind of IT environment they require without hiring another person. They are now comfortably living without the full-time IT employee they had before the cuts were made. Eric Jackson, Vendor Specialist at Buffalo Supply, stated, “I now have two companies that I know can take care of Buffalo Supply if something should happen to me – ASI and ASP.” The cost of Buffalo Supply’s hosting services are less than half the salary of a full time IT person, and employees enjoy the added benefits of being able to log in to their full work desktops from any computer with an internet connection and being kept on the latest versions of Microsoft Office.

During the move to the hosted environment, ASI was responsible for copying the existing SYSPRO setups to the new environment and working through the glitches caused by using a new type of environment. ASI was able to help the project be a success by communicating and working well with ASP. At the beginning of the year, Buffalo Supply and ASI scheduled an upgrade to SYSPRO Issue 10, Version 6.0, Service Pack 2 which Buffalo Supply had been requesting. Because Buffalo Supply had moved to a hosted environment, they were able to enlist the help of ASP to create a separate set of servers identical to those used in production so the upgrade could first be performed on the duplicate environment and thoroughly tested before applying the changes to the live environment. ASI was instrumental in the testing and conversion of the upgraded system, and the thoroughness of the testing resulted in a nearly flawless upgrade. Several employees at Buffalo Supply work exclusively in the custom portion of SYSPRO, and Eric Jackson observed, “Those employees didn’t even notice we upgraded because nothing changed or went wrong. That’s how we knew we’d done a good job.”

ASI is proud to call Buffalo Supply its first client to implement a hosted SYSPRO system. The benefits they reap are numerous, and ASI is excited to continue assisting clients that desire to utilize a hosted solution.

Eric Jackson, Vendor
Specialist, Buffalo Supply


Darrell Noble is a genius when it comes to IT and I don’t know what we did without him.  I highly recommend ASP for all of your IT needs.

Stacy Pursell
The Pursell Group LLC
the VET Recruiter ®


I have had the pleasure of working with ASP for over 4 years now.  I really did not expect to find this type of service.   However,  here is what I have experienced with ASP.     You are one of the most polite and friendly companies I have ever worked with yet at the same time you get things done – you jump on line and shadow me immediately answer questions – your response time is amazing and you know what you are doing!    In this world of phones being answered by computers,  hold times of who knows how long , and the promise of “we’ll get back to you in 24 hours” you are a breath of fresh air!

Thank you ASP!

Marilyn Davis
M Davis Consulting


ASP is fantastic. They are incredibly responsive and always helpful. They never let us down and work with us through issues even when the issue is not coming from their end e.g. internet connection in our building/offices etc. They are all knowledgeable and work really hard to deliver superior customer service.

Deb Ryan
Bonell Ryan Incorporated”