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ASP About

ASP About

ASP is a managed data center using thin client technologies to deploy mission critical applications to one or more locations.  We allow small to mid sized companies to gain the advantages and efficiencies that larger companies have experienced for years. By moving financial, manufacturing, service management, email, web-based services, and office productivity applications to a managed data center, companies can free their staff and resources to focus on their core business. Software vendors can demonstrate and support their products without time consuming downloads and their potential customers receive focused demonstrations with a minimal investment of time.

Thin Client Technology
Our Service and today’s technologies allow multiple users to remotely run Windows desktops that contain your software without expensive network infrastructure. The display, keystrokes, and mouse movements from each user’s session are the only information transferred over the LAN/WAN/Internet or dialup connection. This allows many more users to share a single network connection than was previously possible. It also allows centralized application management, maintenance, training and support. All of the servers and applications are located in a central location while users can access them from anywhere over a wide variety of connectivity options.

Data Center
Centralizing connectivity, servers, and application management has long been a method to bring efficiency and control to an enterprise computing system. Thin client technologies allow this model to be cost effective in the Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux, and many other computing models. We provide 24 x 7 monitored servers, daily and weekly backups, dry fire protection, and redundant direct access to the communication and power backbones.

Most small to mid sized organizations cannot afford the staff or facilities required to operate a professionally managed data center environment but they are critically dependent on their information systems to operate their businesses.  We bring the security and dependability of a managed environment to an achievable price point.

IT Help Desk
Most companies leave application support to end users or high priced IT staff.  Few can justify the cost of a professionally run internal help desk.  We provide a central communication point for all application and system related issues in the distributed organization.  We form strategic alliances with software vendors to provide more direct access to technical support for the software you use.