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When I first heard about Snapchat, it was from younger colleagues of mine urging me to create an account and join in on the fun. My first response, “Isn’t that just for sending nude photos that you think will disappear?” was quickly followed by my second comment of warning, “… and if you really think they’re vanishing into thin air, you’re going to regret it when Snapchat is hacked and... (more...)

There you are one day, staring at a req for a specialist of this sort or that with a salary of “up to $700″ a week. The list of required skills includes everything but fluency in Greek; the hours are somewhere between 40 and 24/7, the team is too small for the work, and the boss is so hands off he comes out of his office only to get coffee. Garbage collectors make more than your hiring... (more...)

Salesforce on Thursday launched Wave for Big Data, a tool that will help marketers and salespeople leverage customer data in the Salesforce Analytics Cloud. Google, Cloudera, Hortonworks, New Relic, Informatica and Trifacta have signed on to the Salesforce Analytics Cloud Partner ecosystem. Powered by the Wave platform, the Analytics Cloud will let business executives discover correlations and... (more...)

I recently watched the new Avengers movie Age of Ultron. The plot has more holes in it than a North Dakota oilfield and the story is little more than one scene after another of things been blown up or knocked down, but that’s to be expected. Not many would pay to watch it if the movie featured the Avengers in a sequel to Dinner with Schmucks. Ultron looks like the child of C3-PO and Yoda and uses... (more...)

There is no better company to look at to get a sense of the future of technology in business and society than Zuora. This might surprise many people, because companies like Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce might come to mind more readily. To one degree or another, those companies feature their products and services, which are very important, but Zuora talks about business models — and... (more...)

Finding the right candidates has always been and will continue to be a top challenge for recruiters and their clients.  And, with the job market as strong as it is now, often times active and passive candidates for employment are relying on the available new media channels and not spending as much time as they should on dusting off an old resume or perhaps creating a new one. Let’s face it,... (more...)

Video marketing and talent attraction have joined in a marriage that has allowed brands to reach once uninterested “passive leads”. Rather than bore you with the top 50 video marketing stats and 30 reasons why you need to use video today, I’ll share the 6 most credible channels for video marketing (in app form) that recruiters can […]

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Hiring managers are a key driver of the talent.experience – how engaged they are in the process has a critical impact on quality of hire and retention. Bersin by Deloitte research revealed that developing strong relationships with hiring managers is the top driver of talent acquisition performance and four times more influential than all the other 15 performance drivers measured. Yet, our relationship... (more...)

Leading SaaS provider earns its fourth Stevie Award for notable customer events, training programs, and the iCARE™ Customer Support Site MATAWAN, N.J. (May 27, 2015) – iCIMS, Inc., a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition solutions, announced that the company received a Silver Stevie® Award for Customer Service Department of the Year in the ninth annual Stevie Awards... (more...)

The mobile advertising race is on. Google has to scramble to stay ahead in the volatile mobile ads market, because it has been losing ground to Facebook, suggested Pace University marketing professor Larry Chiagouris. Google is “cannot afford to give away any market share,” he noted. “Any drop will likely result in a drop in the stock price and, more importantly, a fall in... (more...)