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ATTENTION:  Small and Micro Businesses, Startup companies, Self-Employed Individuals, and Not-for-Profit Organizations. Do any of the following  10 IT challenges describe your organization?


MonitoringYou keep hearing about “the Cloud”. What is it anyway?  How do  I take advantage of “the cloud.”
Are you already lost in “the clouds”?  Can I really save time and money?

SupportDo you think that you should be getting  better IT Support, but just don’t know where to begin?  Is your IT guy never there when you need  him? Do prices keep going up?  Does it take several days of lost productivity every time you have to call for help?

i_hostingsolutionsgridAre you  thinking about purchasing your own hardware, or is your challenge keeping  up with IT hardware replacement and software updates and grades?  Are you concerned about unplanned outages and IT repair costs?

AvailabilityIs your data on a single portable device,  in a closet,  in your office, on outdated servers, or on multiple devices that don’t communicate with each other?

LocationsDo you have multiple business locations,  employees/contractors who  work from home or  travel a lot?  Do you need scalable flexible IT for employees or contractors?

SoftwareDo you have a collection of disjointed, software applications running  your business?  Worse yet are these applications running in different locations on different clouds that don’t communicate with each other and you have to manage each one separately?

SecurityIs your biggest challenge or concern the security  of your programs and proprietary data? Do you worry about hackers, viruses, malware, and other internet infections?

BackupAre you in a location that suffers from natural disasters such as floods, blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, or  earthquakes.  Is your data insured from fire and theft, and do you have a disaster recovery plan in place?

ConnectivityIs your challenge Internet Connectivity and outages?  What do you do if your connection is very slow or worse yet your  Internet connection goes down?

MarketingHow do I market via the Internet and take advantage of Social Media on the Cloud?

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