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We’re Application Service Providers and we’re here to solve your IT problems.

Are you struggling to keep up with the latest software and hardware updates?  Do you worry about viruses, malware and other internet infections? Do you think you should have better  IT Support but just don’t know where to begin? Are all your documents on your work computer and you’d like to access them from outside work? Are you in a location that has or could easily suffer from a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or tornado? Are you backing up your data daily? Could you restore it if you had to? Would you like to take advantage of “the cloud” but don’t even really know what the cloud is?

What if you knew that

  • You could work with all your computer programs, documents, email, and calendar from anywhere, on any computer or  tablet.
  • Your documents, email and all company data could be kept in a safe location that you could easily access with  a secure login.
  • You could have the versions of the software you use, updated at your request. You wouldn’t need to buy new computer equipment, or hire an IT professional to maintain a server or a network at your location.
  • You wouldn’t need to invest in a document management system. Or even know what one is.
  • You could easily add more locations for your business and your network would already be in place.
  • You wouldn’t have to worry about how to do a backup or a restore.
  • Your data would be safe from any outside disaster that struck your business, including theft, fire, or weather.
  • You could reduce your downtime because of computer or network problems.
  • You could easily hire employees or consultants, add them to your network, collaborate on documents, or use the same database to work.
  • You could safely work from the office, home or even from a foreign country.

Would you breathe a sigh of relief?

Application Service Providers can take care of all your technology needs. We provide a “virtual” IT Department – with all of the capabilities of a Fortune 500 IT department – without the Fortune 500 price. So, instead of your  having to install a network with a server at your company’s location, we set up your software and  network for you, in the “cloud,” and you can access it from anywhere.

It’s like having your own managed cloud – secure and safe and backed up every day.

We create the exact environment for your business needs, with the software you use, ready to change at any time when your needs change. We can even develop custom software for you.

And we pride ourselves on having the best customer service and training around.

What would that be worth to you?  What if we told you that it would cost less than the headache of having to buy and maintain your own network, software and IT personnel?

For more information, call us today at 866-764-TECH (8324).

Application Solution Providers provides our clients with all of the capabilities of a Fortune 500 IT department in one single outsourced and managed service: guaranteed application delivery, a professional helpdesk, access from anywhere, network administration, infrastructure management, bulletproof security, total redundancy, disaster recovery, and much more.

Any software can be hosted and accessed with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).  In addition to hosting all the applications you already own, we provide software hosting, application hosting, database hosting, website hosting, mail and exchange hosting.

The foundation of our solution is the elimination of your dependence on client-side equipment, software, and helpdesk personnel. In doing this, ASP essentially replaces the mundane tasks of an in-house IT department, freeing up staff for more important managerial and strategic IT roles. There are no servers to manage, no software to install, no computers to maintain, and no upgrades to perform. Users simply require an Internet connection and a browser. Everything else is delivered by ASP.

  • 24×7 technical support
    By shadowing your session, our expert support staff can answer your questions and show you the solution in real time.
  • Redundant load-balanced servers
    Redundancy means we can perform installations, maintenance, and updates without interrupting your service.
  • Enterprise class backups
    Nightly incremental and weekly full backups to redundant NAS storage ensures strong disaster recovery, and rapid restores when necessary.
  • Firewall protection
    Having a firewall is not enough. Our Firewalls are managed to ensure security without making it impossible for you to work.
  • Virus protection
    Incoming and outgoing data is scanned at the server and firewall. Updates are managed so users avoid tedious security questions.
  • Spyware protection
    Fully managed spyware protection including realtime scans and no user interaction.
  • Spam protection
    Managed Spam protection without user interaction. We help ensure you don’t miss an important email because it was accidentally blocked or because your provider is too loose with the rules that your inundated with junk.
  • Annual equipment upgrades
    Don’t buy equipment that is obsolete as soon as you buy it. Expand or contract you business and leave all the hardware to us.

ASP provides full service managed hosting. This means we create, host, and manage business applications and network solutions in a single hosted environment. Use ASP’s Digital Application ©, Digital Desktop ©, Digital Office ©, Digital Enterprise © or Digital Servers © to outsource all your IT needs. The Environment is accessible from anywhere, tailored to the way you work, for less than you spend on your existing internal IT infrastructure. Read more

ASP provides all types of hosting. There several methods for running applications. The main question should be are you adding, reducing, or eliminating time and expense. Doing it yourself certainly increases all of these. Web hosting increases some and reduces others and adds a monthly fees without eliminating existing time and expense. Terminal Server hosting is a good choice for IT Professionals to work on your server without coming to your office.

When outsourced, the time and expense is shifted to the hosting companies and users can work remotely in a limited fashion as long as they have a reasonably new Windows PC and plenty of bandwidth. Thin Client Hosting is the only method that replaces your existing costs without all the limitations.

Below is a 15 point matrix and additional information to consider.

No= Not Included
Some Decrease= Some Decrease In Time and Expense
Some Increase= Some Increase In Time and Expense
yes= Included

Application Hosting Comparison

No. Items to Consider Local Web Hosted
1 Application Management No Some Decrease yes
2 Data Management No Some Decrease yes
3 Data Storage No Some yes
4 Email Management No Some Decrease yes
5 Spam Protection No Some yes
6 Bulk Mail Protection No Some yes
7 Firewall Management No Some Increase yes
8 Intrusion Prevention No Some Increase yes
9 Antivirus Protection No Some yes
10 Disaster Recovery No Some yes
11 Backup Protection No Some yes
12 Machine Independence No Some Increase yes
13 Operating System Independence No Some Decrease yes
14 Web Browser Independence No Some Decrease yes
15 Bandwidth / ISP Costs
Request Request

Additional Information

The most common method for deploying an application is to install the application on your machine. This is the most expensive because all the software, equipment, installation, updates, upgrades, backup, security, and maintenance is your responsibility. Hosted Solutions replace some or all of these expenses depending on the method you choose.

The next most common is a hosted Web Application. The application is written in HTML, XML, ActiveX, Java, .NET, ASP, PHP, AJAX and a variety of other languages and runs in your web browser. It is the most common because it is least expensive type of outsourcing available. Web applications do reduce time and expenses by outsourcing some of the above mentioned costs. However, they do not Eliminate costs and in many cases increase them. For example, Web applications require significant bandwidth to function in an acceptable manner. So in addition to the monthly hosting fee you have to purchase a better internet connection and pay your IT professional the additional security and maintenance that should be installed in your browser.

The next most popular application hosting is Terminal Server (RDP). It is popular because it is generally included with Windows Small Business Server and allows hosting of the Entire desktop. From an Access perspective this is appealing because you can access your desktop from any Windows XP or later machine. Most issues with Terminal Services arise in the installation security, and maintenance. For Example you can’t just run set like you do on you local PC. Installation requires special Expertise. Terminal Services do require additional bandwidth. Generally about 150+ KBPS per User. The important note if you are considering setting up you own Terminal server is that the overall cost is two to three times greater than expense of an in house File Server. Additional issues arise in peripheral devices like printer, handhelds, and multiple monitors to name a few.

True Application hosting solutions use all methods including Thin Client (ICA), Virtual Machines (VM) Virtual Desktop Infastucture (VDI). Thin Client is used in all of our solutions. It has the advantage of being true ubiquitous access It is Machine and Bandwidth independent. You can access your desktop with any PC running any operating system including Windows, Unix, Linux, and Macintosh. You no longer need to upgrade your Local workstations and servers every few years, you could even use a terminal which completely eliminates all your client side IT costs. Thin Client is bandwidth independent, so you could work with a Dial-up modem.

ASP can provide all your hosting needs in a single location or integrate any of these services with your existing providers. For Example, we can Host your Windows desktop including all your application and Microsoft Office and connect Outlook to your current POP mail provider. We also provide Microsoft Exchange hosting which allows users to collaborate with remote copies of Outlook, Outlook Web Access, and hand-held’s. We also provide web hosting that includes POP3 and web mail accounts that can be accessed with your web browser. Read more