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The new issue of our sister publication, Exempt Magazine, is now online for our readers to enjoy. Here’s a look at some of the stories you can find within the pages of the Winter 2013 edition.


  • Joint Costs And Social Media: Dennis Morrone and Priti Singh write about how social media has become an effective tool for nonprofits to raise awareness, change public attitudes and behaviors toward a social issue, attract donors, educate chosen constituents and publicize programmatic successes.
  • Nonprofit Trademark: Protect Your Fundraising Brand: With the daily barrage of information competing for your donors’ attention, how does your fundraising campaign stand out and get noticed? Many nonprofits don’t realize that their “brand” is one of the most valuable assets.
  • Minimize Your Risk When Allowing User-Generated Content On Social Media: Allowance of user-generated content on social media pages controlled or operated by a nonprofit can raise a number of potential legal risks and liability issues, which are due in large part to the fact that the nonprofit might not have complete control over what a third party posts or displays.

Update: Missed today’s webinar? Not to worry, you can view the complete slides and recording on our online library.


Over the last year or so, Intacct Corporation has worked with us on a number of informative webinars on the current world of nonprofit financials. They are joining us for another session on one of the more popular accounting programs available: QuickBooks.

Has Your Nonprofit Outgrown QuickBooks? Taking Financial Management to the Next Level” is the latest in our series of free webinars with Intacct. Many organizations use QuickBooks because it’s easy, well known, and it simply works. But as your organization moves beyond the entry level, QuickBooks may hold you back — slowing growth and draining productivity. Change is hard but this webinar will help you start the transition of moving to a new accounting system.

Here’s what you will be learning during this webinar with speaker Joan Benson, Sr. Product Manager, Nonprofit Industry at Intacct:

  • Why you need a true nonprofit accounting solution.
  • Five signs your organization has outgrown its small business accounting solution.
  • How to evaluate the true costs of staying with QuickBooks (hint: it’s not just the software).
  • How the cloud makes it easy to move to a true fund accounting system.
Register today to get your nonprofit financials back on the right track. The webinar begins on Sept. 19 at 2:00 p.m. EST.

The NonProfit TimesOnline Resource Marketplace has long been a place where nonprofits can find great services to enhance their organization. With our just-launched redesign of the page, it will be even easier to find what you need.

The major change you will notice is that all of the resource categories have been organized into sections based on their area of focus. For example, the Online Fundraising category has been placed into the Fundraising Services section. Each of these sections can be easily browsed with a simple click of the mouse.

Sections will collapse into drop-down menus when clicked, allowing you to browse the relevant categories

One of the other changes you will see is largely cosmetic but is very important for clients who list their services on the Marketplace. Advertisers who have purchased a Gold or Silver listing with us will have their postings highlighted with the appropriate color, giving it extra recognition. For more information on the differences between a Gold, Silver, or Basic listing, contact Mary Ford at 973-401-0202 x206

A gold listing on the Online Resource Marketplace.

We hope that you enjoy the redesign of the Resource Marketplace. We are always open to feedback, so let us know if you have any suggestions or concerns.

Update: There are just over four weeks left to take advantage of this deal. Place your order now before time runs out!


There is a reason The NonProfit Times has been the
leading publication for the nonprofit sector for over 20 years. Through
insightful reporting of the latest news and trends in the world of
nonprofits, this valuable resource has been used to keep organizations
ahead of the curve.

If your organization does not already receive a copy of the magazine, now is your chance to take advantage of a new summer special on subscriptions. For a limited time only, you can subscribe to a full year of NPT in both print and digital forms for just $49.95 (usually $59.95) and, for no additional price, you will receive a copy of our 2013 Best Nonprofits to Work For report. Finally, all customers who take advantage of this offer will be signed up to get our companion NPT Weekly eNewsletter, which highlights the latest nonprofit news.

You can view a sample of NPT Weekly by clicking here.

This deal is only for the summer so take advantage of it before it’s too late! The last day to place your order is September 15th.

Sixteen years ago today The NonProfit Times released the first edition of the Power and Influence Top 50. The report listed the 50 nonprofit executives that we determined were at the top of their field. Since then, there have been many multiple-time honorees and some new ones.

With this year’s edition, there is quite a bit of turnover.

The 2013 Power and Influence Top 50, included in the August 1 edition of NPT, features 18 first-time honorees. In addition, there are three returning executives who will be returning to our September Power and Influence Top Gala in Washington, D.C., after some time away. The evening’s keynote will be national commentator Juan Williams.

Some of the new faces in this year’s list include:

  • James (Jim) Manis, the Mobile Giving Foundation;
  • Jacqueline Novogratz, Acumen;
  • Anthony D. Romero, American Civil Liberties Union;
  • Vanessa Kirsch, New Profit Inc; and,
  • Chris Anderson, Sapling Foundation/TED
You can view the full list by clicking here.
Of course, the Power and Influence Top 50 is not the only part of the August 1 issue. Other major articles include a piece on retaliation lawsuits, restructuring at the Girl Scouts, and how World Wildlife Fund and other organizations handle compressed workweek schedules.

UPDATE: July 31st is the FINAL deadline to complete your 2013 Salary and Benefits Survey plus have a chance to win a free iPad Mini. Any surveys completed after that date will not be entered into the drawing.

Every year, The NonProfit Times and Bluewater Nonprofit Solutions publish the Nonprofit Salary and Benefits Reports. These in-depth studies help organizations to determine whether they are in line with similar organizations and to remain in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service. The data for these reports come from surveys of our readers and we will need your participation again for our upcoming 2013 Salary and Benefits Reports.

The 2013 Nonprofit Salary and Benefits Survey is the chance for you to be a part of the solution for your nonprofit and organizations across the country. Participants will also get a number of benefits for their time: Just for completing the survey your organization will get a FREE Executive Summary of the Survey, with full salary data for all positions. Everyone who completes the survey will receive 50% off the full report ($285 currently).

There are also some new features for this year’s survey. We know that your time is valuable so we have streamlined the survey so that it will be even quicker to complete. In addition, if you have previously completed the 2011 or 2012 surveys, you now have the ability to jump start the 2013 survey completion process–you only need to change the data that is different.

Other new features include:

  • The survey is now compatible with all major Internet browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
  • We’ve made it easier and more intuitive to enter data. We’ve also added more prompts to guide users.
The deadline to complete the 2013 Salary and Benefits Survey is July 31, but that doesn’t mean you should wait. Head to our website today to start the survey and help all nonprofits. Results will be distributed to participants in October 2013.

Update: Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s webinar! It was a blast. If you missed the event for any reason, you can see it in its entirety here

Online giving is one of the more popular methods of fundraising these days, and last year’s debut of the Twitter-based campaign #GivingTuesday was just another example of the power of fundraising on the Internet. Although the campaign won’t be starting again until December, your organization can still make preparations for it now.

Join The NonProfit Times and Salsa Labs for a FREE webinar on July 24th: “#GivingTuesday in July: Get Ready for December Now!” Henry Timms, founder of #GivingTuesday, and Christine Schaefer, VP Community and Marketing, Salsa, will discuss how your organization can use #GivingTuesday (which begins on December 3rd), as part of a wider online and offline campaign to help increase your end-of-year funding. We’ll offer tips for building your campaign and share insights from other non-profits who got a boost thanks to their #GivingTuesday participation last year.

Organizations should know that end-of-year fundraising doesn’t just happen when the calendar flips to December; it takes months of planning including building lists and cultivating donors. That’s why every fundraiser and nonprofit manager should attend this webinar so they are prepared when December 3rd rolls around. Register today!

Just in time for 2013, NPT Publishing Group has a New Year’s gift for all of our readers: The new issue of The NonProfit Times. The Jan. 1 covers pressing issues impacting the nonprofit sector, including the impact of current hot topics such as Superstorm Sandy and the “fiscal cliff.”

Here’s a quick look at some of the major stories in the new issue:

Special Report

  • Accounting Software: Installing new accounting software can be a real pain. This special report includes information on how to avoid a disaster installation, featuring tips from the leading experts in the field.
  • Camp Fire Stokes New Image And Council RevampingA mission statement doesn’t mean much to a teenager. That’s why Camp Fire USA ditched it. Well, not entirely.
  • Insurance Undertow For Flood Car DonationsThe National Automobile Dealers Association in
    McLean, Va., estimated that as many as 250,000 cars were damaged or
    destroyed during super storm Sandy. But, the phones aren’t ringing much
    at 1-800 Charity Cars or at the National Kidney Foundation.
  • Hospital Wraps Employee Giving In A Gift BoxTy the Giving Guy isn’t a typical employee at the Atlanta, Ga.-based
    hospital system. But, he’s not supposed to be, either. He’s the mascot
    for Emory Healthcare’s employee giving program.
  • It’s Simple MathAs the debate and acrimony in Washington, D.C. continues regarding the
    absurd notion that the federal charitable deduction plays an important
    role in the nation’s “fiscal cliff,” voices were raised in New York
    City. The voices were of hope and charity.
  • Young VolunteersThe television news show “60 Minutes” aired a feature story this past
    November on “Children Helping Children.” It centered on Craig
    Kielburger, who at age 12 took action against child labor and
    exploitation in Pakistan, eventually recruiting his friends to the cause
    and founding Free the Children. Some 17 years later it is an
    international charity with more than 1.7 million youth involved in
    education and development programs in 45 countries.

Just in time for the holidays, the Dec. 1 issue of The NonProfit Times is now available. The newest edition of the magazine features stories ranging from the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy to the looming “fiscal cliff.” Let’s take a look at some of the stories you will find within the pages, starting with the top stories.


  • Get Ready For The Fiscal Cliff: Most Americans are familiar with the so-called fiscal cliff — the combination of tax increases and budget cuts set to begin Jan. 1 — by this time. After all, it’s been dominating the headlines since President Barack Obama won re-election in November. This article takes a look at the affects it will have on nonprofits should the government not come to a deal by the end of the year.
  • Charities Strike Back After Sandy’s Knockdown Punch: Charities across the nation have chipped in following the devastating affects Superstorm Sandy had on the Northeast in October. This story takes a look at some of the more impressive efforts by nonprofits.
  • Lessons Learned From Katrina: In this guest column, Ann Silverberg Williamson, president and CEO of the Louisiana Association of Nonprofits, relates her experiences during another storm that caused major damage to communities: Hurricane Katrina.
Special Report
  • After The Election: The election is over and now the work resumes. The charitable sector needs to know where President Obama will lead the next four years on every social issue imaginable. This special report will let the president know where several of the sector leaders stand. Readers should also make sure to watch NPT’s Platform for the Nonprofit Sector video.
  • Guarding Against Grant FraudGiven the stiff competition for grant funding and the amount of money at
    stake, the field of grant proposal writing is unfortunately fertile
    ground for fraud. When someone blows the whistle and the lawsuit flies,
    the person who wrote the grant proposal is in the line of fire. And, the
    organization that submitted the proposal — the applicant organization,
    is likewise in hot water.
  • Direct Mail Still King: This column looks at why direct mail is still at the top of its game, despite all the advances in technology. Specifically, it looks at how catalogs are a great source of revenue for organizations.
These are only a sampling of the stories in the Dec. 1 issue. To get full magazine, visit our subscription page to order a digital or print edition of NPT.

We are continuing to post new opportunities to our grant page, with three more being added today from the IEEE Foundation. Two of those three grants fall under newly added categories: Technology and Human Services.

While both categories are important, we’re going to feature the Human Services posting here. Take a look:

Type of Grant: Human Services
Grant Name: Applying Technology for Humanitarian Causes
Agency(s): IEEE Foundation
Closing Date for Applications: Two deadlines – March 15, 2013 or August 6, 2013


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Foundation is
offering grant opportunities for organizations seeking ways to improve
the lives of others using technology. The IEEE Foundation supports
projects that implement or disseminate replicable, sustainable,
technology-based solutions for humanitarian issues in underserved and
underprivileged areas.

Eligible Organizations:

All nonprofits are eligible to apply for a grant as long as they meet the following requirements:

payments depend on the length of the project. For example, programs
that are 12 months or less in duration will receive 50 percent of the
initial award payment after the Grantee has completed an IRS Form W-9.
The remaining 50 percent will be paid after the final Grant Report has
been submitted along with a financial statement.

You can find out more information at https://www.ieee.org/organizations/foundation/grants.html

You can take a look at the other opportunities by visiting the NPT Grant Finder.