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At Citrix TechEdge Berlin 2010, you’ll get a chance to meet some of Citrix Support’s top engineers. One of these is Karen Sciberras. Karen is a Escalation Engineer based in our Dublin office in Ireland. Check out the video interview below.

You can also view some of the previous interviews with Nicolas Ogor, Lalit Kaushal, George Dunlap and Tomasz Czajka.

Learn more about TechEdge Berlin 2010, www.citrix.com/techedge, and stay tuned for more weekly close-up interviews with the TechEdge presenters.

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Let Karen know any thoughts, questions or feedback you might have for her session.

Citrix Support on:
Twitter – @citrixsupport & @citrixreadiness

Security has been blamed as the biggest barrier to cloud adoption. Organizational leaders are walking into IT departments with their brand new iPads and demanding access to the network from these convenient devices. And, the beast known as compliance continues to breathe down our necks.

Whether you’re primarily concerned about the cloud, endpoint protection or data security, one thing is for sure – security is broken. Organizations routinely spend way too much on security measures that mostly serve to frustrate users, while contributing little to the overall security of truly sensitive data. And, legacy security practices such as end-to-end ownership, malware signatures and full physical isolation continue to be challenged by end-user demands, highly evolved attacks and new usage patterns.

All is not doom and gloom though – virtualization presents some innovative ways to respond to these business challenges and transcend security challenges that have plagued computing for decades.

In the CTO Crystal Ball session at Synergy Berlin, I’ll be demonstrating the following security trends and more:

  • Situational Security – protective measures that are fine-tuned to specific data needs and context
  • BAOC (Bring Any Old Computer) – providing realtime device control to take endpoint security concerns out of the equation
  • Flying through the Clouds – architecting true multitenant and mixed-mode data cloud security

Please join me along with Harry Labana, Martin Duursma, and Simon Crosby from the Citrix CTO office as we look into the future at Synergy Berlin!

More info on this demo-filled session and the CTO team’s prognostication can be found at:

Have you heard the buzz? There’s a lot to choose from at Synergy Berlin and you can now view the interactive Session Catalog listing many of the breakout session details & event activities. Take some time to explore the variety of offerings in the Desktop Virtualization and Datacenter & Cloud tracks.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll also have access to the online My Organiser tool that allows you to set up your ideal agenda of breakout sessions and event activities in advance.

Here are some session highlights:

  • Get under the bonnet of XenClient technology - Find out how a bare-metal client hypervisor based on the open-source Xen platform helps deliver blazing-fast local desktop computing performance.

  • What’s new in XenDesktop? The best desktop virtualisation solution is now even better - Learn how Citrix is enhancing XenDesktop to meet the needs of 100 percent of employees enterprise-wide and deliver the best user experience on the market.

  • From A to XenApp: The comprehensive technical guide to optimal XenApp farm design (2010 Edition) - Learn how to build an environment that is stable, scalable and optimised for maximum performance to achieve record-breaking user density.

Do you speak geek?

Then get ready… Geek Speak Live!, the ultimate un-conference, is coming to Synergy Berlin! Packed with rapid-fire discussions and debates among industry leaders, technical experts, and audience members, you never know where the conversation will take you! The Geek Speak Live! track that’s run for the geeks by the geeks, will include the Geek Speak Tonight! event and two full days of 50-minute Geek Speak breakout sessions. This unique, audience-driven, and unfiltered technical track is not to be missed! The Geek Speak Live! session details will be available in July.

More on Synergy Berlin

Synergy Berlin incorporates the three previously separate European iForums – Antwerp, Edinburgh, and Munich – into a single, enhanced global conference that will feature a wide array of content never before available at European events.

Synergy is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge of virtualization, cloud computing, and networking. This open, English-language event is an unmatched value that includes:

  • Content-rich sessions for every audience level and focus
  • Free in-depth skills training at Hands-on Learning Labs
  • Complimentary Citrix certification exams onsite
  • Access to Citrix execs and global product experts
  • Product demos at Citrix and partner exhibits in the Technology Showcase
  • And much more!

So join us in Berlin this fall for THE definitive virtual computing event of 2010, where you’ll sharpen your skills and learn powerful new IT strategies and best practices for your organization.

Visit www.citrixsynergy.com/berlin for more information and to register.

Hope to see you there!

Laura Whalen
Citrix Systems, Inc.

The Feed the Synergy Buzz Contest was a chance to win one of the hottest devices on the market just by blogging, tweeting, or posting photos or videos of your Synergy experience while you were in San Francisco at the event. This contest took place from May 12-14 and, to enter, contestants simply tagged their social media content with #CitrixSynergy.

We kept an eye out for quality over quanity and winners have been chosen at random from the pool of active social networkers, with one Apple iPad and 10 iTunes gift cards awarded.

And the winners are…

Grand Prize, Apple iPad

  • TwistyRoadsCrvr

iTunes Gift Cards

  • balajisiva
  • dustin_fennell
  • ekhnaser
  • ervik
  • JasonConger
  • joeshonk
  • michael_keen
  • rwhiteley0
  • shawnbass
  • mikegcoleman

Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to our social networking stars! If you are a winner, please reply to socialmedia@citrix.com with subject “Feed the Buzz Contest” to claim your prize. Prizes will be shipped.

Laura Whalen
Citrix Systems, Inc.


Calling All Synergy Attendees!

This is your chance to win one of the hottest devices on the market just by blogging, tweeting, or posting photos or videos of your Synergy experience from May 12-14, while you’re in San Francisco at the event.

We’re looking for quality over quantity. Here are some ideas:

  • Share your feedback about the Synergy keynotes
  • Tell us about an activity you’re looking forward to and why
  • Describe an interesting IT discussion you had between sessions
  • Tell us about your favorite session/activity of the day
  • Discuss some useful takeaways from the Learning Labs you attend 
  • Interview others about their experiences at Synergy

This contest will take place from May 12-14. Feel free to use the social media tool of your choice. To enter, simply tag your content with #CitrixSynergy

Be creative with your content! Winners will be chosen at random from the pool of active social networking stars, with one Apple iPad and 10 iTunes gift cards awarded. The winners will be announced over the Citrix social networks following Synergy. Prizes will be shipped. Stay tuned to Synergy Buzz to view the dynamic buzz feed during the event.

Good luck! May the best social networkers win.

Laura Whalen
Citrix Systems, Inc.


Football and virtual desktops… Special teams and application delivery…

You are probably thinking these have nothing to do with each other, but have you heard about the plans to move the 49rs down to Santa Clara and build a new stadium? That’s right, move the San Francisco 49rs to Santa Clara. Will they be the Santa Clara 49rs???

Fan loyalty, budgets, and politics aside, what would it take to build the new 49rs stadium?

• How many design, construction, planning, sales, teams would be involved?
• How would all these firms share and access their data?
• Most importantly, would ONE type of desktop be right for everyone on the project?

The answer is definitely no. Architects and designers will need to run AutoCAD. Sales and marketing will be on the road pitching the new stadium. Billing and procurement will be busy with invoices. The list goes on.

In two weeks at Synergy, we are going to dive into this topic during SYN346: Optimize FlexCast performance and security – just add Branch Repeater and Access Gateway. Using the new 49rs stadium as a case study, we’ll explore how a design firm uses FlexCast to deliver the right type of desktop to the team members working on the stadium.

We’ll see how the FlexCast delivery model is like a football teams starting lineup. Every player has their job and place on the field, just like each of the FlexCast models. The starting line-ups do a great job of getting some points on the board, but who does the coach call in when it’s time to win the game? Special Teams. Next week I will be back to introduce the FlexCast special teams – Access Gateway and Branch Repeater so stay tuned.

I hope to see you at Synergy on Wednesday, May 12th at 3:30 so you can hear the whole story.

Oh, did I mention we are giving away some fun football prizes? Study up on FlexCast before the session for your chance to catch a prize.

In a previous post I told you about the hands-on learning lab covering Workflow Studio that I will be hosting at Citrix Synergy 2010. If you want to learn more about Workflow Studio and how you can offer self-service solutions to your users, then make sure you sign up.

Note: The class is already full (thank you!). If you sign up for the session you will be put on a wait-list and we will try to accommodate you. We may not be able to accommodate everyone at Synergy, but are looking to do a repeat session as a webinar after Synergy. Make sure you get on the wait-list so we can inform you about the webinar.

You heard about desktop virtualization and VDI; your organization got excited and maybe is considering it now for its own IT. Now you are confronted with all your organizations requirements – business as well as technical. The logical question is, where to start and how to design a XenDesktop architecture that meets these requirements.

Typically, you start researching for information that reflects your situation or maybe even try to reach out to friends and your business network for customer references. Once you found a starting point, I am sure more questions will come up such as:

  • Do I only need VDI? Or should I consider different desktop deliveries from the FlexCast options?
  • How should I integrate and deliver my apps? Installed? Streamed? Or hosted?
  • How do I ensure performance? What do I need to consider for scaling the environment?
  • How can I preserve the user settings and make the transition as smooth as possible?
  • Do I need to deliver the virtual desktops to remote users?
  • How did others implement XenDesktop?

I could go on with the questions, but I want to keep it short since I would like to see these questions being raised at the Hands-on Learning Lab Workshop “SYN418W – Designing a XenDesktop architecture” during Synergy. Why? This workshop will provide exactly this platform for discussion. I mentioned hands-on, but it is more a “hands-off” workshop, where you will have the opportunity to work with peers on a given fictitious customer scenario having the same questions or even the answers to your questions. The workshop will be guided by our most experienced architects, who already worked on several customer projects designing and implementing XenDesktop.

I am looking forward to see you there and hope to answer all your questions!


Senior Architect, Worldwide Technical Readiness

Follow me on twitter: @TarkanK

A long time ago, in a blog far, far away, I asked a simple question “What virtual desktop design topics are you interested in?”  Thankfully, I got a few comments from Steven Hunt, Faisal Iqbal, and Tyrone Thomas so I won’t be forced to deliver a standard, glossy marketing presentation.

Instead, those of you attending the “Designing an enterprise-class XenDesktop solution“, which will be presented by myself and Doug Demskis, will get to experience a low gloss, high value session. Doug and I have gathered mountains of feedback from our Citrix consultants and tried to condense it into 90 minutes, which in itself is no small feat because we all know how much consultants like to talk.

A few of the items we plan to cover are

  • Why change XenServer’s Dom0 RAM allocation
  • Recommended specs for a VMware  configuration
  • Sizing guidelines for Hyper-V
  • What types of disks to use
  • How to calculate your IOPS requirements
  • Recommendations on how to manage your desktop images
  • Estimating the size of your write cache
  • How to determine your Provisioning services recommended specs

This is only a portion of what you will learn in the Synergy session.  Doug and I have been digging deep into the inner workings to provide you with the best practices for your XenDesktop environment. Hope to see you there.

Lead Architect – Worldwide Consulting Solutions
Follow Me on twitter: @djfeller
My Blog: Virtualize My Desktop
Questions, then email Ask The Architect
Facebook Fan Page: Ask The Architect

Happy 2010 to all! 

…and, not to dwell in the past, but remember that little dust-up around VMworld last year?  I don’t want to dredge up the much-debated conversation around  participation policies for industry events, but I made a promise to the industry that Synergy 2010 (San Francisco and Berlin) would be much more open, transparent and inclusive.  To honor that promise, here’s a status report:  

Open Call for Topics:  We announced this on September 14, 2009 and received a great number of really strong submissions from folks across the industry.  To select the slate of content, we assembled a panel of analysts and practitioners across the industry that consisted of:

  • Christian Reilly, manager of global systems engineering, Bechtel Corporation 
  • Shirland Whipple, director of IT infrastructure, Cox Communications
  • Mark Bowker, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group 
  • Paul Myerson, senior channel analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
  • James Staten, principal analyst, Forrester Research
  • Cindy Borovick, research vice president for IDC’s Datacenter Networks service, IDC
  • Troy Stevens, principal enterprise architect, Mutual of Omaha

This all-star team reviewed each submission and made their selections.  While our event team is in the process of notifying the selected speakers, I can tell you that  over 40 percent of the sessions delivered in the tracks are from non-Citrix speakers, and that number could grow as we finalize our IT Business and Strategy track in conjunction with a major media partner. 

Open Call for Award Nominations:  At Synergy, Citrix has historically recognized companies who are using virtualization and networking technologies in new and noteworthy ways to drive innovation in their business.  These Innovation Award participants have always been reviewed by a selection panel that has included customers and analysts, and the winners have historically been determined by popular vote.  The nomination process, however, was a bit like the secret vote in the Sistine Chapel.  We’ve cleared the smoke, thrown open the doors and have invited the industry to nominate companies that are using virtualization, networking and cloud technology to create a dynamic, agile business environment.    Of course, we’d like them to be Citrix customers, but given our 20 year history and customer base that exceeds 230,000 organizations, just about everyone is!  And yes, the winner will still be chosen via popular vote.

Open Sponsorship Program:  The Synergy Sponsorship program is also open to participants from around the industry.  Companies like AppSense, Wyse, ThinPrint, GreenBytes and Logic Monitor are planning to be there.  If there is a company you’d like to see on the list, click here to request information that you can forward along to them.

Clearly, we’re off to a good start…and there’s more to come!  Stay tuned for additional information about a variety of social media technologies we plan to employ in San Francisco to share the event in an  even more open fashion than we have in the past.