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Tip 1049: How to disable the reminders in Outlook | Outlook Tips

Reviewing Outlook’s reminder settings: there are several different methods you can use to disable reminders, depending on what your goal is.

Tip 1007: Next Week flag reminder time bug? | Outlook Daily Tips

When adding a reminder to a message flagged for Next Week, the date the reminder fires depends on your preference for automatically setting reminders on tasks with due dates.

Tip 1004: The Case of the Missing Reminder Window Solved | Outlook Daily Tips

When Outlook’s reminder window won’t open onscreen, it may be pushed off the visible screen area. You can delete a registry value to return the window to the desktop.

Tip 985: Do ‘something’ when an Outlook reminder fires | Outlook Daily Tips

With a little VBA code, you can do things when reminders fire, such as open a web page or send an email message.

Reminders and Tasks in Other Data Files | Outlook Daily Tips

We had two questions about tasks, reminders, and flags recently. One used wanted to know how to prevent reminders and flags from his archive pst file from displaying while the other user wanted to know how to make the reminders show. I get a lot of emails and my pst files are very large (12-17GB) with just the email I get during one year. So at the end of each year I make a new file and set that as default.  This year I made a new pst file ’2012-emails.pst’ and set it as default on 1st Jan 2012.  My problem:  the reminders from my 2011 pst are coming up. They never did this in past years. Unlike earlier versions of Outlook, Outlook 2010 will fire reminders from any data file or folder, not just the default folders in the default pst. Fortunately, you can disable it if you don’t want reminders or enable it, if Outlook didn’t enable it by default. This option is available only on data files that are not used for email delivery. When a data file is assigned to an email account (or set as default), reminders and flags will always display. On data files [...]

Dismissing Reminders on Recurring Tasks | Outlook Daily Tips

With the holiday season beginning, I thought it would be a good time to share this tip. A user on our Outlook-users mailing list asked how to prevent reminders from disappearing from tasks: I have several daily reminders of various tasks I have to do. What normally happens after I return from a vacation, is Outlook will pop up a reminder for the first day I miss, but then stop after that. And then I have to advance, each day through them and turn the reminder/alarm back on. Is there some way I can prevent that from happening? Sure, you can prevent this from happening. When you dismiss the reminder on a recurring task, it removes the reminders from future tasks too. Instead you need to mark the task complete. You can do this by right clicking on the task in the Reminder dialog, or click in the Complete field in the Task list. If you forget to mark the tasks complete (and dismiss the reminders instead), you’ll need to reset the reminders. This is fairly easy when you add the Reminder field to the view then click in the column to turn reminders on. Unlike the Completed column, the [...]