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Tip 1097: Outlook folders named “the file so that changes to the file will be reflected in your item” | Outlook Tips

Outlook is creating duplicate folders in the folder list, is creating folders named <0w>, or folders named “the file so that changes to the file will be reflected in your item”.

Tip 1095: Add Recent Documents link to Insert File dialog | Outlook Tips

Add a Recent Documents link to Windows Explorer Favorites for use in Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.

Tip 1079: Filtering Outlook emails by color | Outlook Tips

Use conditional formatting or color categories to highlight messages meeting certain conditions and view only those messages.

Tip 1007: Next Week flag reminder time bug? | Outlook Daily Tips

When adding a reminder to a message flagged for Next Week, the date the reminder fires depends on your preference for automatically setting reminders on tasks with due dates.

Tip 999: Dragging message to Calendar creates a 1 minute appointments | Outlook Daily Tips

When you drag a message to a date in the navigation calendars in Microsoft Outlook 2010, the resulting meeting is only 1 minute long.

Tip 970: Disabling Tool Tips on Outlook’s Messages | Outlook Daily Tips

The ScreenTips (tool tips or popups) that come up when you hover over messages in Outlook’s message list can be reduced in size but not disabled completely.

Tip 965: Changing Outlook 2010′s Conversation View Message Order | Outlook Daily Tips

Why is the default message view showing the latest message first? For example, when I click on the conversation and it states ‘Latest message shown. Click to view earlier items.’ How can I change this? Isn’t it more logical to show the first message in the thread, not the last? Surely it is more common to start reading a conversation at the beginning? Is this configurable? As a person who was in the habit of reading the last chapter of a book before reading the whole book, I’m probably not the right person to ask about reading from the beginning… If you’re reading messages as they arrive, the newest message first makes sense, as you’ve already read the earlier messages. It would make sense if the oldest unread message was shown when you select a conversation, but it might be more confusing to users than showing the latest message in the thread. But, yes, it is configurable. If you use the Classic Indented View, the messages within a conversation are arranged in proper threading order within the conversation, according to which message was replied to and the received date. (Note that threading may not work as expected with email from [...]

Which Calendar does the To-Do Bar use? | Outlook Daily Tips

We get a lot of questions about missing appointments on the To-Do Bar appointment section: My To-Do Bar is not showing my appointments. Under my ‘To-Do Bar’ options everything is checked. In addition to missing appointments, some users complain that the wrong appointments are shown. This is always a problem when there is more than one calendar in the profile. The easiest way to verify which calendar is considered the default calendar by Outlook is to double-click on one of the dates in the navigation calendar in the To-Do bar. This will take you to the default calendar. If this is not the calendar you expected to be your default calendar, you can either change the default data file in Account Settings, Data Files or move your appointments to the default calendar. Note that in some cases, you should not (or can’t) move appointments to a different folder. To move appointments Switch to a list view. In Outlook 2010 and 2007, you can do this from the View ribbon, Change Views. In older versions, use the All Appointments or By Category view. Select all appointments and drag or using the Move to Folder command. Published March 7 2012

Tip 960: (Another) Calendar Printing Bug | Outlook Daily Tips

Starting the week on Monday is the cause of this new printing bug. An Outlook 2010 user wanted to print a calendar using the options to print exactly one month per page and to print only the weekdays (Monday – Friday) but with September 2012, the printout included only the first 3 weeks – the last week is missing. The fix: Set the calendar to start on Sunday and the calendar will print as expected. I wanted to see if any other months in 2012 are affected so I set it to print 1/1 – 12/31, one month per page. January was 6 weeks long and included dates through Feb 10 (remember, its supposed to print exactly one month per page). I checked 2011 and 2013 – one month each year is short a week and one month has a full week from the next month. I’m confident that each year is affected by this bug. Note that Outlook 2007 is affected by this bug also. Published February 27 2012

Tip 959: Changing the Font used for Outlook’s RSS Feeds | Outlook Daily Tips

If you really don’t like Calibri, we show you how to use VBA and a Rule to change the font used for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010′s RSS feeds to another font.