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One of the worst oil spills in history occurred when British Petroleum’s (BP) Deepwater Horizon rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, setting off a long clean-up process in the the region.  The spill not only affected the wildlife, but also local businesses and communities.  Communities are still recovering two years later, but help is on the way.

The Times-Picayune reported last week that nine New Orleans, La.-based nonprofits will receive the last $2.2 million of a fund meant to help local communities affected by the spill.  The Greater New Orleans Foundation made the disbursements and is responsible for donating $5 million of the $25-million Fund for Gulf Communities, established by an anonymous donor through Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.  The remaining $20 million will be distributed by five other organizations associated with groups in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

Here is a list of the organizations receiving the funds:

  • The Children’s Bureau of New Orleans — $250,000
  • The Partnership for Youth Development — $299,708
  • The Youth Empowerment Project — $210,548
  • The Mercy Family Center — $274,500
  • Grow Dat — $214,586
  • The Latino Farmers’ Collaborative of Louisiana — $125,857
  • The South Central Industrial Association — $374,000
  • The Houma Regional Arts Council — $240,447
  • Bayou Grace Communities Service — $241,850
The Greater New Orleans Foundation distributed $2.4 million last year to 12 nonprofit organizations.  Overall, 21 nonprofits in the metro New Orleans area have received funds, which have played a role in the economic and emotional recovery from the Deepwater oil spill.
You can read the full story in The Times-Picayune.

Record levels of charitable organizations are getting involved in what is known as the ‘Pick. Click. Give.’ program which forms part of Alaskans’ Permanent Fund Dividend or PFD application. The programs make it possible for recipients to donate part of their PFD to a variety of nonprofit groups. Alaskan residents receive an annual check based on oil-punted estates. As much as 386 nonprofit organizations are signed up to receive donations this year, a figure which is up by approximately 6% from the year before. Organizes of the fundraising drive have set a target of $1.5 million, a 50% increase over the previous year.

Many nonprofits stand to benefit
In 2010, about 9,500 of all Alaskans donated a part or all of their dividends as funding for various charitable organizations. The administrative expenditures related to the drive are being covered by the Rasmuson Foundation. Bearing in mind the vast range of charitable groups that are signed up to receive donations, donors are bound to find a cause that tugs a heart-string that they would be able to support with enthusiasm. When people go online to apply for their PFD, they will see the option to participate in the ‘Pick. Click. Give’ fundraising program.