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Great news for all you planners out there. The session catalog for Citrix Synergy in San Francisco May 25-27 is now available! Why the excitement? This means that you can peruse the session line up and determine which sessions about virtualization, networking and cloud technologies you MUST attend this year to maximize your learning opportunities. There are lots of great sessions to choose from – with more technical sessions, best practices and hands-on learning labs than ever before. And if you don’t see what you need, be sure to let us know and we’ll see if we can still add it to the agenda.

I encourage you to sign up early for the event.  I’m not trying to be alarmist, but remember that Synergy in San Francisco last year was standing room only and the Berlin event last Fall was literally sold out. That said, we’ve learned from past experience, as well as from your feedback, and we have enhanced the event structure and content in several ways.

First, we’ve enlarged the keynote room, such that every Synergy attendee will have unfettered access to Citrix CEO Mark Templeton’s opening session and all of the other main-stage activities. We’ve also doubled the number of Geek Speak Live! sessions, since these unscripted discussions and rapid-fire debates among technical experts, analysts and influencers are always incredibly popular with Synergy attendees. And we’re investing more time and energy in the Citrix CTO session, which has grown into one of the most buzz-generating activities of the entire event.

But wait there’s more! Based on your feedback, we are putting special emphasis on hands-on learning and technical best practices at Synergy San Francisco. This year we’ll offer more “how to” and “how we did it” sessions featuring customers, tech alliance partners, Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs) and industry analysts. They will share their experiences implementing desktop virtualization and cloud solutions in order to help you be successful with your strategic deployments.

We’ve dramatically increased the number of breakout sessions, and you can search for categories to build the best agenda for you, including:  What’s New, Best Practices, Hot Topics and Key Technologies. Just to give you a taste of your options, specific titles include:

  • XenDesktop.next: the future of on-demand desktops and apps
  • Scaling XenDesktop for the enterprise
  • Best practices for using FlexCast to drive desktop transformation
  • Building multi-hypervisor, multi-workload enterprise clouds with Citrix OpenCloud
  • What’s new in NetScaler MPX and VPX
  • Say “yes” to BYO and employee-owned tablets, computers and smartphones in the workplace

There truly is something for everyone at Citrix Synergy, regardless of where you are on the technology learning or adoption curve. Whether you’re setting a virtualization strategy and vision for your company, gathering technical content, or looking to rub elbows with the industry’s best and brightest, now’s the time to make your plans for Citrix Synergy in San Francisco.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Synergy catalog and start building your plan to attend the sessions that will give you exactly what you need to reap the benefits of virtual computing.

Together in San Francisco, we will be inspired, learn and network!

Can you believe it’s the end of January already? It feels like only yesterday that we were wishing each other “Happy New Year,” and now here we are charging full steam ahead into 2011. Here at Citrix, the last year ended with a bang … and the new year is off to a roaring good start. Earlier this week in our Q4 and year-end 2010 earnings announcement, Citrix CEO Mark Templeton said, “Our customers are telling us they want to simplify enterprise computing, they want to embrace IT consumerization, and they are ready to adopt more cloud services – all to transform IT to an on-demand service.” I love this quote because it highlights the megatrends that are driving our business today.

Industry analysts are also pointing to these trends, with some amazing predictions about the impact that personal devices and cloud services will have on the way we work. For example, Gartner says that in just two years 80 percent of businesses will support a workforce using tablets, and in three years – by  2014 – 90 percent will support corporate applications on personal devices.

The good news is that all you iPad fans can look forward to a day in the not-too-distant future when using these devices is just a normal part of your work experience. It will be expected, not an exception. That’s profound.

So, tell me…what are YOUR predictions for 2011? Will you be workshifting from a remote location (remember when this was called telecommuting?)? Will you be using a tablet issued by your IT department? Will you be downloading your own apps and desktops from your company’s app store?

Do tell! Participate in our survey and share your expectations for the workplace in the year ahead. In case you need a little incentive, each participant qualifies for a chance to win an iPad. Yes! Don’t walk, run to our survey and be sure to take part  before it closes on Feb. 2.

While you’re in the “sign-up spirit,” you should also register now for Citrix Synergy in San Francisco May 25-27. Join the experts and network with others to learn how your business can benefit from the virtual computing revolution.

Thanks in advance for teaming up with Citrix on the survey and planning to join us at Synergy. I’m excited to hear and learn from you!

Summer is almost over and that means Synergy Berlin is nearly here!  We’re busy making final arrangements for our first pan-European show to be held from October 6-8.  In advance of the program,  I want to draw your attention to my favourite part of the program – the Citrix Innovation Award. 

Every day, companies experience the tangible business benefits of virtualisation, networking and cloud computing. Benefits include savings in operating expenses, enhancing productivity and flexibility, cutting power consumption and reducing carbon emissions, to name a few. But there are also a number of organizations that have embraced the power of virtual computing to think about, and to do, business differently.  These include companies like Cocamar in Brazil that have used virtualisation technology to expand their market reach;  government agencies like Fairfax County, Virginia, that have used the technology to offer cloud-based computing services to cities and townships within the county; and ND SatCom that expanded its offerings to include a satellite-based solution for business continuity and connectivity. These are but a few examples of business innovation, and I know that there are thousands of stories about organisations around the world that have embraced virtual computing to spearhead change.

The Citrix Innovation Award highlights the stories of enterprises that are using virtualisation, networking and cloud technologies in exciting ways to drive innovation in their businesses. As we did for Synergy San Francisco, we’ve thrown open the doors for Synergy Berlin and invited everyone in the industry – partners, customers and employees – to nominate companies that are using virtualisation, networking and cloud technologies in innovative ways  to create a dynamic, agile business environment.

Once again, I’m amazed at the diverse range of businesses that implement these technologies, and use them in new and innovative ways.  Dozens of nominations were received from all over the globe; from those nominations twelve companies that best embody the spirit of the Innovation Award were shortlisted.

The winner is chosen by popular vote of peer organisations (that means all of you!) and members of the IT industry and will be announced at Synergy Berlin.

The full list of Innovation Award finalists is:

  • Chemtura Corporation
  • Codan Trygg-Hansa
  • CZ Healthcare Insurance
  • Derby Public Schools
  • LG CNS
  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • O’Neill Europe
  • Perfetti Van Melle India
  • Telecom Italia
  • TeleComputing
  • The Co-operative Group

Check out their stories of innovation and vote for your three favourites today.

And don’t forget…you can still register for Synergy Berlin!  For more info go to www.citrixsynergy.com.

Have you heard the buzz? There’s a lot to choose from at Synergy Berlin and you can now view the interactive Session Catalog listing many of the breakout session details & event activities. Take some time to explore the variety of offerings in the Desktop Virtualization and Datacenter & Cloud tracks.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll also have access to the online My Organiser tool that allows you to set up your ideal agenda of breakout sessions and event activities in advance.

Here are some session highlights:

  • Get under the bonnet of XenClient technology - Find out how a bare-metal client hypervisor based on the open-source Xen platform helps deliver blazing-fast local desktop computing performance.

  • What’s new in XenDesktop? The best desktop virtualisation solution is now even better - Learn how Citrix is enhancing XenDesktop to meet the needs of 100 percent of employees enterprise-wide and deliver the best user experience on the market.

  • From A to XenApp: The comprehensive technical guide to optimal XenApp farm design (2010 Edition) - Learn how to build an environment that is stable, scalable and optimised for maximum performance to achieve record-breaking user density.

Do you speak geek?

Then get ready… Geek Speak Live!, the ultimate un-conference, is coming to Synergy Berlin! Packed with rapid-fire discussions and debates among industry leaders, technical experts, and audience members, you never know where the conversation will take you! The Geek Speak Live! track that’s run for the geeks by the geeks, will include the Geek Speak Tonight! event and two full days of 50-minute Geek Speak breakout sessions. This unique, audience-driven, and unfiltered technical track is not to be missed! The Geek Speak Live! session details will be available in July.

More on Synergy Berlin

Synergy Berlin incorporates the three previously separate European iForums – Antwerp, Edinburgh, and Munich – into a single, enhanced global conference that will feature a wide array of content never before available at European events.

Synergy is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge of virtualization, cloud computing, and networking. This open, English-language event is an unmatched value that includes:

  • Content-rich sessions for every audience level and focus
  • Free in-depth skills training at Hands-on Learning Labs
  • Complimentary Citrix certification exams onsite
  • Access to Citrix execs and global product experts
  • Product demos at Citrix and partner exhibits in the Technology Showcase
  • And much more!

So join us in Berlin this fall for THE definitive virtual computing event of 2010, where you’ll sharpen your skills and learn powerful new IT strategies and best practices for your organization.

Visit www.citrixsynergy.com/berlin for more information and to register.

Hope to see you there!

Laura Whalen
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Wow! It’s been a week and a half since Synergy ended in San Francisco, and I’ve finally had time to reflect on  the many amazing experiences I had at the event. I thought I’d share some of my favorite memories and moments, and I encourage you to do the same with your friends and colleagues.

First, on day one, when I saw the throng of people entering the keynote hall, I was overwhelmed – in a very good way. The energy, the excitement, the sheer number of people. It was a tremendous feeling to be surrounded by so many business professionals who are looking to innovate and take their companies to the next level. It made me proud to be part of a company that is truly making a difference for IT.

And the caliber of partners joining us on stage and on the exhibit floor was phenomenal: Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, McAfee, Microsoft, Wyse. That they chose Synergy as a platform to make some pretty important announcements is a testament to growing status of Synergy as a premier industry event.

Another highlight was when we realized the huge volume of Citrix XenClient downloads – within 48 hours of our announcement! It shows that IT folks are excited to get their hands on XenClient, and finally deliver a fully virtualized environment to their on-the-go users with their personal desktops AND all the apps they need to do their work, whenever and wherever they want.

We call this ability to move your work to a more optimal place “workshifting.” It’s a simple yet powerful idea. And with more people using more devices for both business and personal reasons, it only makes sense to empower users to work from anywhere at any time. I overheard someone at Synergy say, “Does everyone in San Francisco have an iPad?” If not an iPad, most of the Synergy attendees had an iPhone, or a Blackberry, or an Android mobile device, in addition to their laptops and netbooks. It’s clear Citrix users are early adopters of workshifting and there’s no going back.

Fortunately, there’s much more to come! All the things that made Synergy in San Francisco so fantastic will be available at Synergy Berlin in October. That means the hands-on Learning Labs, the Expo Hall and Geek Speak Live – plus new content, exciting announcements and updated breakout sessions. We’ll also continue to use social media to maximize your conference experience. With our Synergy Mobile Network, you can use your smartphone of choice to access your schedule, get session updates, set reminders, participate in surveys and much more. Look for new and different ways to enhance your Synergy experience in Berlin.

I’d love to hear some of your favorite Synergy moments and any ideas you have for keeping the energy and the connection going between events.  Please share them by adding comments below!

The Feed the Synergy Buzz Contest was a chance to win one of the hottest devices on the market just by blogging, tweeting, or posting photos or videos of your Synergy experience while you were in San Francisco at the event. This contest took place from May 12-14 and, to enter, contestants simply tagged their social media content with #CitrixSynergy.

We kept an eye out for quality over quanity and winners have been chosen at random from the pool of active social networkers, with one Apple iPad and 10 iTunes gift cards awarded.

And the winners are…

Grand Prize, Apple iPad

  • TwistyRoadsCrvr

iTunes Gift Cards

  • balajisiva
  • dustin_fennell
  • ekhnaser
  • ervik
  • JasonConger
  • joeshonk
  • michael_keen
  • rwhiteley0
  • shawnbass
  • mikegcoleman

Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to our social networking stars! If you are a winner, please reply to socialmedia@citrix.com with subject “Feed the Buzz Contest” to claim your prize. Prizes will be shipped.

Laura Whalen
Citrix Systems, Inc.


Calling All Synergy Attendees!

This is your chance to win one of the hottest devices on the market just by blogging, tweeting, or posting photos or videos of your Synergy experience from May 12-14, while you’re in San Francisco at the event.

We’re looking for quality over quantity. Here are some ideas:

  • Share your feedback about the Synergy keynotes
  • Tell us about an activity you’re looking forward to and why
  • Describe an interesting IT discussion you had between sessions
  • Tell us about your favorite session/activity of the day
  • Discuss some useful takeaways from the Learning Labs you attend 
  • Interview others about their experiences at Synergy

This contest will take place from May 12-14. Feel free to use the social media tool of your choice. To enter, simply tag your content with #CitrixSynergy

Be creative with your content! Winners will be chosen at random from the pool of active social networking stars, with one Apple iPad and 10 iTunes gift cards awarded. The winners will be announced over the Citrix social networks following Synergy. Prizes will be shipped. Stay tuned to Synergy Buzz to view the dynamic buzz feed during the event.

Good luck! May the best social networkers win.

Laura Whalen
Citrix Systems, Inc.


At Citrix TechEdge 2010, you’ll get a chance to meet some of Citrix Technical Support’s top engineers.  One of these is Jamie Baker.  This year marks Jamie’s sixth year presenting at a TechEdge event, so he’s got a few of these events under his belt. He’s also been with the Citrix Technical Support team for seven years, five of which have been on the Escalation team, as a Printing SME, XenDesktop SME and Critical Situation response engineer. Currently he’s managing the XenDesktop and XenApp Escalation team in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Jamie Baker, Manager, Escalation Services

Jamie gave us the inside scoop on the session he’ll be co-presenting with Kapildev Ramlal also from the Escalation team at Citrix TechEdge during Citrix Summit and Citrix Synergy 2010Debugging a Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environment.

Q. How has Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop improved and/or how are you able to troubleshoot an issue more quickly from a support perspective this year?

 Jamie: Well, from a support perspective we’ve gotten another year smarter. We’ve been able to develop tools to help us identify problem conditions more quickly. More importantly, we’ve had the opportunity to provide our feedback to the development teams in making the products more supportable, improving the tracing and diagnostics that are built into the product and helped direct them to resolve particular pain points we’ve encountered with customer implementations.

Q. What Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop tips will attendees learn at your session this year?

Jamie: Hopefully they’ll learn that debugging and advanced troubleshooting doesn’t have to be intimidating. We’ll show them techniques with readily available tools that can help them identify problems more quickly and easily.

Q. What’s the most interesting case you’ve worked on this past year? Why? 

Jamie: It’s hard to pick out a single case that is the most interesting.  To me, the most interesting thing is seeing all the different ways our products are used out in the field. Healthcare professionals using XenApp to access patients’ health records, traders on Wall Street using XenDesktop to execute billions of dollars of trades, airlines using XenDesktop at terminal gates even the International Space Station uses our products. While the technical work is interesting because we’re hardcore techno-geeks, the way that the product is actually being used is amazingly interesting.

Q. When you’re not working how do you spend your free time?

Jamie: Not working?  I don’t understand what that means …. Seriously though, I spend most of my free time with my family, chasing after my kids and our puppy. 

Learn more about TechEdge 2010, www.citrix.com/techedge, and stay tuned for more weekly close-up interviews with the TechEdge presenters.

Want more technical training…check out the Hands on Learning Labs at Synergy
In addition to attending TechEdge on Tuesday, May 11, we encourage you to stay for Citrix Synergy(Wednesday, May 12 – Friday, May 14). This year at Synergy you will have a chance to expand on the content covered at TechEdge with hands-on experience. The team has assembled a five hour workshop called Troubleshooting virtual desktop delivery including its components being held on Thursday May 13 & Friday, May 14.  See full workshop schedule for more details or visit the Hands on Learning Labs page.

Leave a comment

Let Jamie know any thoughts, questions or feedback you might have for his session.

Tick tock, tick tock. At just five weeks away … do you have your Citrix Synergy itinerary locked and loaded? Here are three more reasons you’ll be glad you attended the industry’s premier conference on virtualization, networking and cloud computing.

First, and something I’m personally very excited about, we’re going mobile! This means you can use your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android or whatever your smartphone of choice may be, to manage and maximize your conference experience. With the first-ever Citrix Synergy Mobile Network, you can access and adjust  your schedule, get real-time updates on sessions and breaking news, set reminders, view maps, find exhibitors, and participate in surveys. Not only is this extremely convenient, but we can also save a lot of trees by reducing the need to print custom schedules. That’s a win-win.

Second, in another “first ever,” we’re holding a competition for the best new products and services from event sponsors. With help from Computerworld magazine – a publication of IDG Enterprise, industry analysts and other experts, we’ll highlight the technologies and solutions that exemplify business efficiency, workforce productivity, and process improvement. And, of course, we’ll bestow the coveted Best of Show award. Synergy attendees will be able to vote to help determine the winners, which will be announced during the Day Two keynote. I should add that, yes, our competitors will indeed be considered for the Best of Synergy Award. Would any other vendor be so bold? As I’ve said before, Synergy is truly an open industry event.

Third, it’s worth mentioning that Synergy is in San Francisco this year. This is truly the place where technology leaders meet. As such, we’re offering some excellent registration promotions to help you get to the event. We’re offering a few different packages to make it cost effective for you to attend the entire conference, or just one day.  We also created special deals for groups, public sector employees and Citrix Certified professionals.  And, we’ve negotiated hotel room discounts up to 35 percent off regular rates, and government employees can stay within their per diem. Plus, there are direct flights to SFO from more than 66 cities and 30 countries, and public transportation (BART) to the Moscone Center is cheap and convenient.  There are lots of ways to save!

Need I say more? Well, how about the fact that San Francisco has been voted the #1 city to visit by Conde Nast for 17 years in a row.

And there is one more thing:  desktop virtualization!  As an IT professional, it’s on your agenda, and your CIO’s as well. Synergy is THE PLACE to learn more about desktop virtualization and how it can be THE WAY you upgrade your organization to Windows 7.

Whatever your primary motivation, there are plenty of reasons to attend this year’s Synergy. Don’t delay!  Register now for the one industry event where you can interact with the foremost experts in virtualization, networking and cloud computing, and learn how to position your organization for the on-demand IT services era.

Hope to see you there!


P.S.  I know I said three, and you got five.  Additional value…standard at Citrix!

Need the best and latest information for troubleshooting/optimizing your XenApp, XenDesktop, XenServer or NetScaler products. Then don’t miss TechEdge 2010 hosted by Citrix Technical Support’s top experts from the Escalation engineering team. Over the years, customers have said this is the event for learning the latest troubleshooting tools, methodologies and fixes for your desktop virtualization, server virtualization and network optimization without hearing all the marketing fluff.

What you’ll learn:

  • Debugging a Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environment
  • Troubleshooting XenDesktop deployments
  • Troubleshooting an integrated XenDesktop and XenServer environment
  • XenServer storage management and troubleshooting
  • Citrix Provisioning Services stream process architecture and advanced troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting performance issues in a virtualized environment
  • Netscaler VPX implementation and troubleshooting
  • Optimizing NetScaler for enterprise web applications

Complete event schedule and class descriptions

Who can attend?

All customers with active support or maintenance agreements as of the first day of the event, all partners who have registered for Citrix Summit, Citrix technology professionals (CTP) and Citrix certified professionals.

When and where?

The event will be held prior to Citrix Synergy at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, California. on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 from 8:00 am to 5:20 pm.

Hands-on Learning Labs

In addition to attending TechEdge on Tuesday, May 11, we encourage you to stay for Citrix Synergy (Wednesday, May 12 – Friday, May 14). This year at Synergy you will have a chance to expand on the content covered at TechEdge with hands-on experience. The Citrix Technical Support Escalation Team has assembled several cross-product troubleshooting scenarios involving XenDesktop, XenApp and XenServer. The scenarios will provide you with an opportunity to get hands-on experience with custom and third party utilities under the guidance of the troubleshooting experts. For more information about Synergy visit http://www.citrixsynergy.com and stay tuned for session details on the Hands-on Learning Labs coming soon.

Learn More

Stay tuned for more on TechEdge with presenter close-up interview blog posts coming soon. Please let us know your thoughts, questions and feedback.