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cBizSoft Recruiting Software Application Hosting

cBizSoft Recruiting Software, by cBizSoft, Inc. and Managed Desktop Application Hosting saves time and money.

Recruiting Software Vendors

Recruiting Software Vendors

Any recruiting software can be installed or accessed using My Digital Desktop® virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Consolidate and secure all your ATS software, staffing software, CRM software,  HR Software, and data in a managed hosted environment that is accessible from anywhere. Desktop Hosting, Application Hosting, and Software as a Service (SaaS) eliminates local IT costs including hardware procurement, network setup, maintenance, software installation, upgrades, license fees, complex integrations, and installation expenses.

For example, the cBizSoft software solution is client server and web-based. cBizSoft, Inc. has created the first truly affordable recruiting solution for small and mid-market staffing firms. More than just an Applicant Tracking System, our product, cBizOne®, combines the features and functionality of Applicant Tracking, Customer Relationship Management, Professional Services Automation, Sales Force Automation, Reporting, Scheduling and Email Management into one powerful and affordable solution.1

Recruiting solution for small and mid-market staffing firms; combines Applicant Tracking, CRM, PSA and Email Management.2

A PSA for easy management of consultants, employees, contacts and requirements.3

cBizSoft has its roots in the IT consulting world where its sister company, Optech Consulting, still provides temporary and permanent technical staff.4

Back in the mid-1990s, when staffing and technical development were the primary business, the Reddys, who founded the company, saw a need for software that would automate and manage many of the routine chores associated with sourcing, hiring, and managing contract workers and the client companies that sought them. Enter cBizOne, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that has now grown to be one of the more popular recruitment automation solutions for smaller staffing firms and corporate recruiters.4

The price is right, starting at $40 per user per month. You run cBizOne over the Internet, but the candidate database stays in the office on your local computers. That’s a plus for firms concerned about security, though it does put the burden of backing data up on the recruiter or office IT person. A hosted version of the pro version is used by about half of the company’s clients, eliminating the need for backups or in-house IT support.4

The products- two versions are available – have earned complimentary reviews from several critics. Users of the system tend to say good things about it; check out the discussion group on ERE.net. It’s not especially active, but it does have 88 participants. The company also hosts its own user group.4

cBizSoft claims over 5600 users worldwide in a variety of industries and sizes, ranging from mom and pop companies to Fortune 500 firms. The company is so confident of its products it offers a free 30-day trial.4

Mark Berger called it, one of the most complete and comprehensive systems he has reviewed.5

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Application Solution Providers, Inc. 866-764-8324

Application Solution Providers, Inc. 866-764-8324

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    1. Administration says:

      This is an affordable recruitment software targeted at small and mid-market staffing firms. It works in stand-alone or multi-user, multi-office environment. cBizOne features candidate/resume tracking, job management, email management, calendar/scheduling Management, web posting/searching, extensive reporting (Hardcopy, PDF, HTML), integrated company management and client Management. cBizOne available in cBizOne and cBizOne Pro versions.

      Source: http://blog.taragana.com/index.php/archive/top-10-recruitment-software/

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