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Broadlook Recruiting Software Application Hosting

Broadlook Recruiting Software, by Broadlook Technologies and Managed Desktop Application Hosting saves time and money.

Recruiting Software Vendors

Recruiting Software Vendors

Any recruiting software can be installed or accessed using My Digital Desktop® virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Consolidate and secure all your ATS software, staffing software, CRM software,  HR Software, and data in a managed hosted environment that is accessible from anywhere. Desktop Hosting, Application Hosting, and Software as a Service (SaaS) eliminates local IT costs including hardware procurement, network setup, maintenance, software installation, upgrades, license fees, complex integrations, and installation expenses.

For example, the Broadlook software solutions are client server based. Broadlook Technologies is the leader in the development of innovative software applications and services that empower B2B business professionals to “Leverage the Internet” for the market, sales, candidates and competitive intelligence necessary to grow revenues and improve productivity.1

Automates and performs time intensive and laborious tasks such as business research and new client prospecting.2

Search tool for finding candidates and companies online.3

When you are looking for a needle, Googling for it can be like searching through a haystack. Broadlook Technologies can help cut that haystack down to size. It offers software applications and services designed to help B2B business professionals gather information from the Internet.4

It’s similar to Zoominfo, only to the extent that both services can be used to research companies and people. However, the resemblance ends there. Broadlook is a custom service controlled by the searcher. Use it to source candidates, build tables of organization, detail corporate families, and find connections.4

Recruiters can use Broadlook to gather candidates for a specific search or to help fill up the pipeline with candidates not on a commercial site. With ten different research automation tools, Broadlook is a suite of solutions designed to help recruiters source passive and active candidates, as well as develop lasting client relationships.4

The company founder, Donato Diorio, was an IT recruiter until he left to found Specialized Search, an IT recruiting firm, in 1999. This morphed into Broadlook Technologies in 2002. In the first 30 months of business, the client base grew to 3,500 companies in 22 different countries.4

The company’s continued growth has resulted in a prestigious TKO (Technical Knock Out) Award from the Wisconsin-based tech group eInnovate, as well as an IQ (Innovation Quotient) Award presented by the Small Business Times and Wisconsin Technology Council. The company was also featured on the cover of the Small Business Times as technology that is ‘Beyond Google’.4

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Application Solution Providers, Inc. 866-764-8324

Application Solution Providers, Inc. 866-764-8324

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