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Alex Recruiting Software Application Hosting

Alex Recruiting Software, by Hireability, LLC and Managed Desktop Application Hosting saves time and money. My Digital Desktop® packages starting at $50.00 per month including Microsoft Office and a managed Web browser for accessing the Hireability cloud based resume parser.

Recruiting Software Vendors

Recruiting Software Vendors

Save time
- ingratiating the parser with the software you use in a hosted desktop and let us manage all your data, security, mail, and software.
- updating upgrading and configuring your software and focus on your business.
 Save money
- on hardware and access your entire desktop with your all your recruiting tools from any device including old workstations.
- on monthly ISP fees by connecting to the cloud from the remote desktop instead of the local machine.

Any recruiting software can be installed and accessed using My Digital Desktop® virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Consolidate and secure all your ATS software, staffing software, CRM software,  HR Software, and data in a managed hosted environment that is accessible from anywhere. Desktop Hosting, Application Hosting, and Software as a Service (SaaS) eliminates local IT costs including hardware procurement, network setup, maintenance, software installation, upgrades, license fees, complex integrations, and installation expenses.

For example, the Alex software solution is web-based. Their vision is to be the premium provider of the most cost-effective and highly-efficient solutions for the issues surrounding human capital supply and demand. Their mission is to transform the traditional human capital acquisition process by providing global clients with innovative, high-performance business process solutions that leverage the Internet and leading-edge technology.1

Resume parsing software that returns skills, experience, education, contact information and more.2

Integrated applicant tracking system, job board, splits network and résumé processing services.3

Hireability is a technology company offering two primary products: a resume parser and a recruiter network developed on a hosted professional networking platform.4

This small company, which also has an office in the heart of Silicon Valley, enjoys a high profile because of Alex, its resume parser and, in part, because of its VP of sales, Craig Silverman. Alex is a remarkably versatile parser that can take apart almost any kind of resume and convert it almost instantly into a format that can be used by tracking systems, corporate databases, online profiles and application forms. Silverman is equally versatile and appears frequently at conferences and in published articles about the recruiting industry. He and Hireability led a recruiting industry effort in the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to match recruiters with displaced workers.4

Hireability’s Recruiter Network offers a splits board as well as discussion groups, access to a variety of resources, and a social gathering place for recruiters, hiring managers, and vendors that Silverman himself built using Ning. Launched in spring 2007, it had several hundred members within a few months. The Recruiter Network’s fee services and resources operate on Talent Trader, a proprietary networking program that enables recruiters to post openings, share job orders and candidates and other business information. Talent Trader is available in a private-label version for companies and associations.4

The company’s products are slicker than its website, which, besides its dated look and incomplete information, includes Google ads for HR services, including from the company’s competitors.4

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Application Solution Providers, Inc. 866-764-8324

Application Solution Providers, Inc. 866-764-8324

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