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StayinFront CRM Managed Desktop Hosting

StayinFront CRM, by Redi-Direct and Managed Digital Desktop Hosting saves time and money by allowing you to securely access your entire business and data without hardware procurement, networking setup and maintenance expenses,  up-front license fees and complex set-ups.

The StayinFront software solution is web-based or purchased. By accessing this web-based or purchased solution from a Managed Hosted Desktop we consolidate all your business applications into a secure bandwidth independent environment that eliminates 90% of your local IT costs.

StayinFront, Inc. is a leading global provider of enterprise-wide customer relationship management (CRM) applications, decision support tools, data services, sample inventory management solutions and eBusiness systems. With rapidly configured and implemented solutions and services, companies can easily manage and integrate all points of customer interaction including sales, marketing and customer support.

StayinFront’s core underlying belief is that change is constant, no two companies do things exactly the same way and that it is in change that competitive advantages are defined. StayinFront’s flexible product architecture, object-oriented data modeling and range of deployment options provide an “exact fit” solution to help drive business processes, better manage the administrative functions of the system and lower ongoing costs of ownership.

StayinFront software solutions help companies more effectively plan, execute and measure customer relationship management (CRM) strategies. StayinFront’s extensive industry experience, advanced technology and superior service provide exact-fit solutions for a variety of field force, sales force and CRM needs.

The latest version of StayinFront’s flagship product, StayinFront CRM 11, provides advanced analytic capabilities that offer valuable insight into customer data as well as allow users to take action and measure results. Other key advantages include ease of use, system flexibility and seamless integration into existing back-end systems.

StayinFront CRM 11 provides a rich set of features for exploring, formatting and calculating data. It empowers users to access their own business intelligence information across CRM data, eliminating the need for high-end technical expertise. The dynamic and flexible nature of StayinFront CRM 11 is uniquely suited to dealing with changing requirements and evolving data. StayinFront CRM 11 has a unique multi-layered architecture coupled with object-oriented data modeling, providing unmatched flexibility and configuration capabilities while preserving the ability to upgrade. A .NET application, StayinFront CRM 11 leverages ‘Smart Client’ technology, providing the benefits of a web application while maintaining the look and feel of a desktop application. StayinFront CRM 11 is easily deployed across a WAN or the Internet using the ‘ClickOnce’ deployment, a Microsoft technology.

StayinFront CRM 11 offers users many benefits which include powerful data gathering and analysis tools. In addition, StayinFront CRM provides guided analytics that help identify critical business challenges. StayinFront also provides lower cost business intelligence with StayinFront Analytics, an application easily integrated with StayinFront CRM, which helps companies take full advantage of customer information.

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