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SalesJunction CRM Managed Desktop Hosting

SalesJunction Standard Edition CRM and Professional Edition CRM, by SalesJunction and Managed Digital Desktop Hosting saves time and money by allowing you to securely access your entire business and data without hardware procurement, networking setup and maintenance expenses,  up-front license fees and complex set-ups.

The SalesJunction software solution is hosted. By accessing this hosted solution from a Managed Hosted Desktop we consolidate all your business applications into a secure bandwidth independent environment that eliminates 90% of your local IT costs .

SalesJunction.com is an affordable hosted CRM/SFA service. While the company claims to fit the needs of any sized company, their pricing structure, as low as $8 per month, and customer list, indicate that this is CRM for small businesses.

Two editions of SalesJunction.com are available. The Standard Edition is intended for the basic sales force automation and contact management needs and the Pro Edition is intended for the multi-user sales force with higher automation and case management.

With SalesJunction.com you are able to:

  • Manage Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Cases
    SalesJunction.com has a unique interface to make managing contacts (phone #’s, address, notes, files, activities, meetings etc…) simple to use. You can manage service cases, sales pipelines, and even mass email sales campaigns.
  • Keep up-to-date with Reporting and Information Sharing
    With SalesJunction.com you can enhance the effectiveness and profitability of your next sales campaign, contact management, manage your accounts, opportunities, build a pipe-line/sales funnel, build a forecast, share a calendar, and much more.
  • Customize for Your Industry
    SalesJunction.com is fully customizable for all industries. Typical examples include: Manufacturing, High Technology, Software, Retail, Recruiting, Distributors, System Integrators, Rep Networks, Channel Partners, Telemarketers, Sales Agencies, Real Estate, Market & Advertising Agencies…
  • Get a Risk-Free Trial Account
    Sign-up is easy and you get a Free Test-Drive to try it out to make sure it fits your needs before you signup. No long-term commitments, and nothing to install on your computer. If you are viewing this page, you can use and get to SalesJunction.com.

Founded in 2002, SalesJunction.com is a business unit of Nevada based, privately held Tahoe Management Systems, Inc.

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