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Onyx CRM Managed Desktop Hosting

Onyx CRM, by ONYX and Managed Digital Desktop Hosting saves time and money by allowing you to securely access your entire business and data without hardware procurement, networking setup and maintenance expenses,  up-front license fees and complex set-ups.

The Onyx software solution is web-based or purchased. By accessing this web-based or purchased solution from a Managed Hosted Desktop we consolidate all your business applications into a secure bandwidth independent environment that eliminates 90% of your local IT costs.

If you’re a mid- to large-size enterprise looking for an application that can accommodate ever-changing business needs, increased competition or more sophisticated customer demands, Onyx is an award winning CRM solution that can meet your dynamic and ever-increasing demands. Onyx, a Consona CRM solution, has the breadth of functionality and is set apart from its competitors based on their design philosophy, flexible interface and configurable business process tools.

Onyx CRM is used by more than 1300 customers in a variety of industries, with a focus on the financial services, health care, contact center, high tech and local government markets.

Design Philosophy
Onyx CRM is built around a philosophy of Total Customer Management (TCM) which ensures end-to-end vision of what’s going on with your customer. Whether you implement the solution in a single department or across your enterprise, it organizes information, even information from other systems, around the customer since the customer is the center or your business and your success. Sales, support, marketing, and product profiling all come together in a comprehensive picture to empower intelligent, informed customer interactions.

Flexible Interface and Tools
Many competing products are designed around rigid process flows that force you to work a certain way. The Onyx CRM solution provides unparalleled flexibility and technology to do business in the way that you choose. Whether you’re looking for a simple solution or something more complex, Onyx CRM can accommodate your unique business challenges.

Service and Support
Its service and support functionality spans everything from pre-contact knowledgebase searches to quality assurance case management. Regardless of whether you’re managing software support issues or loan payment questions, its user interface and business process tools will ensure that your staff can support your customer’s specific needs. Onyx CRM also provides:

  • Employee and customer portal interfaces
  • Service issue tracking with related Quality Assurance issue tracking
  • Assignment and escalation management
  • Email and web integration
  • Employee and customer knowledgebase capabilities

Onyx CRM helps you organize and guide sales conversations towards a specific goal – creating a business relationship resulting in the sale of your products and services. Sales opportunities track on-going interactions, integrating with your email client, and reflect the evolving status of your sales efforts via forecasting, quoting, and reporting tools. Onyx CRM also provides:

  • Scripting for guided sales and service
  • Workflow automation
  • Territory management
  • Product and service purchase records
  • Mobile and offline capabilities
  • Marketing

Customer data from sales and service activities can easily be mined to target appropriate audiences for your offerings and execute personalized individual or bulk marketing campaigns. You can track all campaign activities and tie them back to sales performance to measure your overall program success.

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