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Website Design & Copyright Marketing Services

Your site should be informative, useful, and easy to navigate. Your website design must be professional and your copy must sell. In most cases visitors, will make their buying decisions based on the copy, content, and professionalism of your website.

Website Design is the most important part of the Internet Marketing cycle. There is no point in getting visitors to your website if your website is not going to sell them. Sales rely first on the professionalism and quality of the sales copy on your website, and of course, on traffic quality.

  • The Internet is an information resource. What people are looking for is information and a solution to their problems. Website Design and Copy writing are key to Internet Marketing.
  • Keep your website simple and professional. Include lots of great text and information. Search engines are looking for up-to-date content with good copy.
  • Copy writing is something you can’t learn, at least in a reasonable period of time. Copy is like art, and great copywriters have a gift. You either have it or you don’t. If you don’t have the talent, find someone who does.
  • Research has shown that 80% of the time, great copy has a much greater impact on sales conversions than pretty, flashy website designs. Most users want to find what they need quickly.
  • Make sure your site is SEO friendly. Meaningful titles, descriptions, permalinks, URL addresses, keywords, excerpts, track backs, and ping backs are all important!
  • You want to use HTML only, or PHP with HTML caching. Do not use Active Server Pages as they are not search engine friendly.
  • You want to have your title tag as your main keyword (more on keyword research later). EG: ASP’s Hosting Services and Software where (Hosting Services and Software) is your keyword.
  • Your description tag should contain a good description that people will click on when they see it in the search engine results.
  • Include your keyword phrase at least twice on the page for SEO benefit. However, remember that Google and other search engines are looking for natural looking websites and text, so stuffing your keyword everywhere will look like spam to the search engines. You also need to make sure the copy flows for your readers and “sells” them on your products and services.

ASP can help you learn by doing. If you would rather concentrate on your business, ASP will manage the development, optimization, Internet marketing, and hosting of your website.

We can design, host and copyright your website to include :

  • Social Integration – social widgets let you aggregate data from across your various social networks completely within the environment — all without needing 3rd party scripts.
  • iPhone / Droid Integration – Check your site, post to your blog, manage posts and comments, and see detailed statistics, all while on the go.
  • Seamless Blog Importing – We’ll move over your images, copy your posts, and make sure your links work. We can provide compatible export files for many popular systems if you need to move on.
  • Know Your Visitors – Learn where they’re coming from, and what keywords they’re using to find you. Our powerful analytics tools help you view the traffic and behavior of your visitors in real time.
  • Templates – Dozens of professionally designed style variants from name-brand designers. Styles that allow point and click control over design elements.
  • Photo Galleries – Customizable photo galleries let you choose how you want to present your work. Lightbox integration, hover effects, and automatic image resizing are just a few of the perks.
  • Intuitive Editing -  Want to add content? Perhaps edit something you already wrote? Want to trash something all together? No problem. Our rapid on-site content editing tool will assist you every step of the way. All elements of your text can be manipulated here.
  • Form Building & Data Collection – Business packages come equipped with an industrial strength visual form builder. Our form builder contains over 14 field types, and can collect data concurrently via email and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
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