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Product / Service Submissions

The obvious benefit from submitting your products and services to all the directories is that they can give you great instant results by increasing your hits per month. Your products and services could be listed on 500+ directories.

There is another hidden benefit however, if you know what to do. As we mentioned previously, we will also show you a trick that we are pretty sure only a few people have done before, and can really skyrocket your hits in the medium to long term.

As you may have picked up from the previous article, we will be focusing on the Linkedin.com, Jigsaw.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com, youtube.com, and download.com listings and getting ranked well in the search engines, instead of focusing on your website but you still need to promote your website in parallel.

The reason for this is that these sites have high authority, high page rank, domain age and millions of back links.  It is a lot easier and quicker to get the large site listings ranked well then it is to get links on your site high in the search engine ranking.

If you have a page rank 6-8 website with over 100k backlinks that’s already ranking well for all your highest volume keywords, then you may not want to follow this strategy. However, you could still do so. What could be better than having your website and your linkedin.com, jigsaw.com, facebook.com, twitter.com, youtube.com, and download.com listings dominating the first page results!?  This will double your traffic and hits for your products and services. This is the ultimate point you want to reach in the long term.

Back to Product and Service Submissions.

First, you need to create a PAD (portable application description) file which contains all your product/service information (some of you may already be familiar with this). This file is then submitted to the directories manually or automatically and will result in the listing to be created on the directory sites once approved.

  • You want to set your company name to your chosen target keyword, and your company URL to your Linkedin.com, Jigsaw.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com, youtube.com, and download.com listings.

The reason we do this is because many of the directories create a link on your listing to the company url and use the company name as the text in the link.

This means that we have the possibility of generating a couple of hundred relevant links from other websites, with your chosen keyword in your anchor text, to your. This of course is priceless and can get your listing ranked well in 1-2 months using this simple tactic alone.

The reason this works is because linkedin.com, jigsaw.com, facebook.com, twitter.com, youtube.com, and download.com are authority websites and all Google needs to decide for a listing or page is that it should rank well. We are in fact sending a couple of hundred decent quality, relevant links and including the anchor text in the link.  Google uses the anchor text as a way of telling what the end page is about and ranking it appropriately.

Now, we want to do the submission.

Our first option is to use an automatic software submission software tool which automatically submits your site to +-600 software directories. After research, this is the best tool on the market at the moment but there are many methods for any budget. In reality only about 300-400 are successful, so you can generate about 100 back links using this tool to do your submissions.

Also, once you purchase it you can do an unlimited amount of submissions of unlimited software applications, so this may be cost effective for you if you have multiple applications.

Using automatic submission software may be enough to get your rankings to where you want them to be. However, if you are really serious about getting your software listed on as many software directories as possible; We would go the manual product and service submission route. This guarantees successful submissions to all directories and increases the number of links to your listing.

For this we recommend using individual industry specific submittal services. Obviously you need to submit to as many as possible. Your budget will dictate the degree to which can use this tactic.

Ok so now that you have generated a few hundred back links to your products and services,  how about we create another 600-1000 links, to seal the deal?

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