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Outsourced Link Building

In order to maximize results, seriously consider monthly link building activities for your listing.  Today’s major search engines monitor incoming links from other relevant and/or quality websites as a major to establish ranking.  Continued link building serves the purpose of improving, as well as sustaining, your rankings. Initial link building will probably provide good rankings for the following 3-8 months, but at some point the search engines will notice that there is no longer a growth in the links pointing to your listing and your rankings will drop.

It is possible to manage link building yourself, but it takes time to do it right. To maximize your long term results, based on your budget, consider an outsourced link building projects. For example, one cost-effective place to go is www.elance.com and post a project for link building. If you don’t need high PR authority links, your project description might look something like this to get the links you need at the lowest price.

We are looking for Professional Link Builders for our Website. 100 Links Monthly required.
Rules for Link building. Links should be on

1. On established, static, and crawlable pages.
2. There must be no more than 50 outbound links on the linking page
3. One link per domain IP Address (with anchor text).
4. Permanent links.
5. English language sites only (they seem to have the most value to search engines)
6. WHITE HAT Sites only.
7. Sites must be found on the first page of Google when their domain or company name is entered
No scraper sites, mirror sites, link farms or free for all link exchanges.
9. On topic article links are preferred.
10. Link page must be cached in Google.

If you post a project similar to the one above,  you should get the links you require at around $500 per month, or per 100 links.

If you are outsourcing link building, here are some do’s and don’ts that you should consider.

* Need only Pr0 and above links.
* No link schemes:  you may not want them to submit your site to any reciprocal linking services such as link partners.com, etc.
* No blog comments
* Link pages must be attached to home page of the site.
* No rel=no follow links in the HTML
* No forums, newsgroups, or webrings
* No blog and ping sites
* No redirects or cloaking (eg, 301, 302, meta-refresh, Javascript redirects)
* No classified ads
* No dynamic links
* No directories
* No commercial web rings
* No Google banned websites
* No use of Automated software (Zeus, Arelis, etc)
* Link pages must be related to … (specific categories of information for your business)
* All links must be from a different domain and IP address
* Links must be submitted on a staggered deployment
* Link pages must be static
* Links must contain our target anchor text and link to a given page
* Reserve the right to reject links that do not meet our terms

You will need to provide a document containing some or all of the following:  the desired Url; Site Name; Site Type; Google PR and IP address; the title/anchors text. 

Finally, begin to use different link anchor texts, some including your keywords and some not, like “click here” etc. so as to look natural to the search engines and maximize the possibility of ranking well.

Next we look at article marketing for SEO, traffic and publicity benefit.

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