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Marketing Software Hosting (SaaS)

Marketing Software as a Service (SaaS) represents a much better value than installed marketing software. If your company uses or sells marketing software, you might want to consider a hosted software as a service or a hosted environment as a service rather than hosting it yourself.  Users can eliminate the headache of maintaining and upgrading the software, while vendors can establish turn-key hosted environments for their customers without rewriting the software. Moreover, marketing firms can demo and share applications and data in real-time with their clients without changing internal networks.

A single application that runs in your web browser has its benefits. However, a Hosted Marketing Software Environment (Environments as a Service – EaaS) can be more effective.  EaaS can be a full-service, managed, hosted, marketing environment. If you wish, your environment can include customized Windows Desktop environments with Microsoft Office Professional (Outlook, Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Access) and everything your marketing organization needs, including all the software, data, and hardware necessary to work from any machine anywhere.

A good hosting company hosts the software and tools you already use, eliminates your dependency on equipment, maintenance, support, and training, and provides fully managed support, even including an understanding of your marketing software applications and managed web browser requirements. SaaS and Eaas enable marketing businesses to concentrate on marketing .

From the Marketing Software Desk…
“The benefits of Hosted Marketing Software Environments are huge – There is no need to implement software upgrades, pay for maintenance or add more hardware. We are able to host our Internal and External Marketing Applications all in one place. They even negotiated better Marketing volume license pricing for the software we use.”

When comparing SaaS or EaaS to web hosted software, consider the following:

Hosted Marketing Software Environments are:

  • Web Browser Independent – browser based applications run in a browser managed by the hosting company
  • Bandwidth Independent – reducing your ISP expenses
  • Fully Managed – software updates and upgrades are applied with your review and approval.
  • Not Dependent on local Equipment – reducing or eliminating client-side maintenance and IT costs.

Browser based Marketing Software Applications are:

  • Web Browser Dependent – there may be issues with different browser and web browser versions.
  • Bandwidth Dependent – requiring additional ISP cost to your clients and users
  • Semi-Managed – You manage your browser, equipment and network when you have issues.
  • Dependent on your existing equipment – adding to your existing maintenance and IT costs.

Managed Hosted Software Services

  • A hosted marketing environment should be created the way you work, avoiding interruption to your operations, work, and cash flow.
  • Additional marketing software and functionality can be added and managed at your request.
  • With managed hosting, the host does the rest,  including security, backups, installation, maintenance, support, and infrastructure.

The Advantage:

  • Better client service – Your clients can access their information without transferring sensitive data files.
  • Service clients in less time – Host your clients, and both you and your clients access critical data from anywhere.
  • Collaboration – Share desktops in real-time for collaboration, training and support.

The Result

  • Save time. Work securely from anywhere. Your entire environment, desktop, applications and data are available regardless of where you are.
  • Save money. Eliminate time, expense, and interruption on installation, updates, and maintenance.
  • Better data security. Know that you data is secure and backed up. 24x7x365
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