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Traditions and Themes

In every company, each employee ought to be able to celebrate and share something that is important to him or her with coworkers. From annual giving opportunities for pet charities to special food treats for celebrations, holidays, and birthdays, an employee share should be met with open arms.

Here’s an example. At TechSmith Corporation, an employee who enjoys celebrating his Polish heritage has created an annual Fat Tuesday tradition. He floods the company with paczkis, (pronounced POHNCH-kee), a rich, traditional fry cake (that is similar to a bismark and some doughnuts), stuffed with fillings (or not) such as raspberry and prune.

The joy of Walter’s annual paczki celebration is first, that he does it for our delight and his joy, second, that his munificence brings more than the employees of an average-sized company can eat (five apiece?), once more, to our delight and his joy, and third, that employees feel recognized and cared about because of a simple tradition.

As they gather in company breakrooms to enjoy the paczkis, team building and positive staff interaction rule the day. Walter is the man of the hour and the event contributes to the shared stash of company stories that shape and help train the culture and celebrate employee heritage.

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