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The Power of Opportunity

The staffing industry provides opportunity for those seeking itStaffing Talk recently featured an article about the greatest contribution the staffing industry makes to our world (and we agree!): opportunity.  After coming out with a piece addressing the minority of corrupt staffing firms that engage in unethical and even illegal practices, writer Jerry Brenholz was reminded by several responding comments that a huge―and rapidly increasing―number of people owe t  heir success to the staffing industry. Staffers give individuals not only the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families, but to collaborate with others and contribute to something bigger than themselves. Staffers give others the opportunity to feel rewarded and accomplished, while also helping companies feel confident about the aptitude of their employees.

For the company that has tried tirelessly to find employees that are both skilled and fit seamlessly into their unique workplace, staffers come through with the message, “we’re dedicated to your success.” The success of a business circles back to a company’s hiring practices: if you supplement your staff with the right people, you’ll succeed. Likewise, hiring the wrong people increases the probability of failure. Staffers are trained intermediaries; they increase both a company’s chances of success and an employee’s job satisfaction. For the individual who feels that his or her options are few, staffers provide reassurance that hope is not lost. Staffers help undiscovered talent find the right job fit and companies find the most suitable talent, linking those in need of opportunity to those who hold the keys.

The staffing industry is full of brilliant salespeople, skilled communicators, and innovative negotiators, and it’s their job to look out for you. Staffers help you make vital work search and job choice decisions, and they’ll accomplish these things more swiftly than you’d ever be able to do on your own. Sometimes, it’s nice to know somebody has your back.

And, for staffers’ sake, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that your work makes a difference.

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