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The Best of Both Worlds – Running Exelare in Browser or Desktop Mode

Exelare is the only recruiting software on the market that can run in both ‘Browser Mode’ AND ‘Desktop Mode’.  This is a huge advantage and differentiation of the Exelare platform compared to other ATS Systems.  The blog post below explains the difference between the two modes and how you can use both to your advantage.


When logging in to Exelare, you’ve probably noticed the little message that reads:

“Launch Exelare from a Desktop Shortcut!  Learn More”

If you click the link and follow the instructions, you’ll soon be launching Exelare directly from that desktop shortcut on your computer.  Here at cBizSoft, we refer to the desktop shortcut as running Exelare in “Desktop Mode”.

Here are just a few of the benefits of running Exelare in “Desktop Mode”:

  1. Behaves like any other desktop based software program

  2. Increased local application storage means an even faster user experience

  3. Enhanced Integration with Outlook

  4. Mass Emailing Feature Enabled

Let’s drill down into more detail about what each of these benefits really mean.

Behaves like any other desktop based software program

Pretty self explanatory here.  When you launch Exelare from a desktop shortcut, the experience is the same as if the program were installed on your computer.  So instead of opening a browser, navigating to a website and logging in, you simply double click the icon on your desktop!  Additionally, once Exelare is running, you will see an icon for the software in your system tray, along with any other program you currently have open.  This is handy because it allows you to quickly switch between programs.  You don’t have to switch to your browser and then to the active tab inside the browser.

Increased local application storage means an even faster user experience

When running Exelare through your desktop shortcut, your application storage increases from 1 MB to 25 MB.  This means we can store more information on your local computer, thus improving the speed at which the application runs.  Keep in mind, Exelare was built to be fast no matter how you access it.  In fact, Exelare is faster than any of our competitors purely web based apps, hands down.  Running from a desktop shortcut just gives you a little bit extra – making the fastest product even faster!

Enhanced Integration with Outlook

You’ll notice in your options menu that there are three options for sending email.  Those options are

  • Use Outlook if Exelare Started using a desktop shortcut, otherwise use Exelare

  • Always use Outlook

  • Always use Exelare

Exelare Email Options Window

If you select the first or second option, Exelare will use your local Outlook program to send email.  This way you have a record of the sent email in Exelare and also in Outlook.  This can only be accomplished using Exelare from the desktop shortcut.  Otherwise emails you send will only be seen in Exelare.

An additional benefit is the ability to open emails from Exelare directly in the native Outlook format.  When viewing an email inside of Exelare, just open the email and you’ll notice the email is in Outlook format, complete with the full functionality of Outlook built in.

Mass Emailing Feature Enabled

The mass emailing feature is activated when you run Exelare in ‘Desktop Mode’.  It was implemented this way because running in ‘Desktop Mode’ allows Exelare to use your computer’s local IP address, instead of using IP addresses hosted by cBizSoft.  The benefit to this is that your sending reputation isn’t affected by other cBizSoft users.   It also means that we (cBizSoft) don’t place any limits whatsoever on your sending abilities.  It makes no difference to us whether you send 10, 10,000, or 100,000 emails each day.  As long as your ISP allows it, so will Exelare.


So there you have it!  Recruiters love Exelare because it is fully web based; you can access it from any browser, any time.  The amazing “bonus” you get as a user of Exelare is the ability to also run Exelare like a desktop program; truly giving you the best of both worlds.

Questions?  Comments?  We would love to hear from you!  Use the comments below or send us an email.

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