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Stand Up to Work For Your Good Health

Mike Gionta

When it comes to success in the recruiting business, most of us KNOW what we need to do. We simply choose not to do it. We know the path to higher billings is using our working hours to connect with more prospects, clients and candidates. We KNOW checking email incessantly, updating our fantasy baseball team at 11 am, etc. detracts from our productivity significantly, and ultimately costs us money in lost commissions.

If we KNOW more client and candidate contact will increase billings, then why do we consciously choose to not do them in the quantity and at the time we know they need to be done? Because the rewards from our activity (placements and commissions) are off in the future, while the pain of planning, prospecting, and rejection are in the present.

As humans, it has been proven we are more likely to avoid pain than seek pleasure. We are all guilty of this behavior to one degree or another. One of the things I do is help my recruiting firm owner clients on strategies to get past this for both themselves and their recruiters. Once one implements some new tactics the results are sharp increases in productivity and revenue. (more…)

About the author: Michael Gionta (mike@theRecruiterU.com) is sought out by owners of recruiting firms, both solos and offices with recruiters, who are frustrated; passionately wanting more from their business.

Bonus Tip: To enroll for FREE in his seven part audio series, “The 7 Deadly Sins MOST Recruiting Firm Owners Make That Cost Them Tens of Thousands in Lost Profits & HIGH Turnover… & How to Avoid Them!” visit TheRecruiterU.com. This will give you more ideas on planning and running your recruiting firm especially in a tight economy. You can also visit his blog at TheRecruiterCampus.com for free articles on managing your recruiting firm.

Your first module will be emailed instantly and you will learn strategies you can implement immediately to build a search firm generating several million in revenue from some of the simple mistakes made and witnessed by Gionta in his 20 years building his own multi-million dollar firm.

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Application Solution Providers, Inc. 866-764-8324

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