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Proposition Threatens Sex Education In Kansas Kansas Public Radio

Kansas World Radiocommunication

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Sex education is once again a hot topic in the Kansas Legislature. In February, the Kansas House Education Committee passed an “opt-in” bill that requires parents to provide written consent before their children are allowed to participate in sex education courses. Commentator John Richard Schrock believes this bill takes power away from local school boards and could deny Kansas students an important part of their education.

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08/04/2016 – 8:00

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Michael Stern, conductor

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Raised in the Mamelodi Township, where he still resides, Vusi became a singer-songwriter and poet-activist at an early age. After his popular debut on BMG Africa, “When You Come Back,” Vusi was asked to perform at Nelson Mandela’s inauguration in one thousand nine hundred ninety four and continues to spread Mandela’s message as an official ambassador to Mandela’s HIV / AIDS initiative, 46664.(Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story indicated the full Kansas House has passed this legislation In fact, it has only been passed by the House Education Committee..)

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Subscribe to KPR on YouTubeProduction assistance for this commentary comes from KPR News Intern Austin Fitts.04/08/2016 – 07:30 to 09:30Vusi Mahlasela is simply known as “The Voice” in his home-country, South Africa, and is universally celebrated for his distinct, powerful voice and his poetic and optimistic lyrics. His songs of hope connect Apartheid-scarred South Africa with a promise for a better future.

Issue a tripper with the Kansas Metropolis Philharmonic without going township! Gershwin portrays the Metropolis of Spark done one of the virtually cherished American concert plant, An American in Paris. Debussy’s testimonial to Spain, Ibéria, earned the fervid appreciation of Spanish composer de Falla, who praised the French composer’s “intensely expressive and luxuriously wide-ranging euphony.” Earlier the French and Spanish navigate, heed for the adjustment of various church hymns in Ives’ poignant Thirdly Philharmonic, “The Cantonment Encounter.” Tickets starting at $ 25. For more data, delight birdcall the Philharmonic Box Position at (816) 471-0400 or inflict kcsymphony.org.

04/22/2016 – 18:30 to 22:30

A mod poet-singer with sinful collection, Habib Koité’s musicianship, wit and sapience transform crossways cultures.

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Hailing from the musically fecund Westward African land of Mali, the guitarist and composer has been named the biggest pop asterisk of the area by Roll Pit, delighting audiences the humans complete and merchandising more 250,000 albums. O’er the by decennary, his prowess and magnetised personality birth made him an external genius, placing him hard among the lead figures in present-day humankind euphony.


IVES Symphony No. 3, “The Camp Meeting”

Bella Hristova, violinist

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Our up-to-the-minute Film a Go-Go crawls into Indecorum Lobby with a duet of authoritative ’50s sci-fi extravaganzas ­- The Creep Eye and The Crawling Alien. Both based on British TV serials, these low budget masterpieces birth it all – colossus tentacled eyeballs, expectant crawl blobs from space, brainless corpses, seeping goop trails and otc fun hooey. It’s equitable the affair for a kinsfolk nighttime at the movies. 

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