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Never on Monday…

Attending a client session recently, I was pleased to hear that some managers were discussing the best day for a new employee to start.

The managers had concluded that Monday was never a good day. At their particular company, a company-wide Monday morning meeting was thought to potentially intimidate a new employee; they figured week two was soon enough, once the employee had been introduced to the business and the culture.

They had also determined that a Monday start date in organizations was left over from the days when most HR issues were handled by finance. In those days, calculations for compensation, withholding amounts, accrued benefits, and so forth, was just more convenient for payroll. The convenience and ease factor may still exist – for accounting.

But don’t count on it as best for the new employee, the manager, the IT department, or the formal mentor. The fact is, organizations are never ready on Monday, if that is the first day of the work week. There is always something not complete that will interfere with your new employee welcome. These are the top ten ways to turn off a new employee.

On a side note, the same managers held a phone meeting with the new employee and the employee’s assigned mentor a week before the new employee start date. They also planned to begin downloading email into the new employee’s account a few days before the start date (without early access) so the new employee would have a better context for the happenings they experienced upon starting.

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Never on Monday… originally appeared on About.com Human Resources on Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 at 13:50:56.

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