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Implementing an Effective Counteroffer Prevention Strategy

Almost daily, I receive calls from practitioners who find themselves challenged by the fact their candidates are receiving an ever increasing number of counteroffers. Although not a new phenomenon, recruiters who do not learn to properly execute an effective counteroffer prevention strategy will continue to find their resources squandered as more and more placement opportunities are lost to this, the “dark side” of our improving economy.

In a previous article, I laid the foundation for an effective Counteroffer Prevention Strategy. This strategy rests on your ability to secure from the candidate timely answers to a series of questions that help “frame” your relationship. Once this positive frame of reference has been established, a more in-depth discussion is possible. From this discussion, you should be able to produce a clear picture of the candidate’s true motivations for changing positions.

(Click here for the questions Terry recommends asking every candidate.)

These reasons must be identified at the initiation of the relationship and reviewed, updated, and reinforced at every step of the process through offer acceptance, resignation, and the completion of all the components in the transition strategy. (more…)

About the author: Recipient of the Harold B. Nelson Award, Terry Petra is one of our industry’s leading trainers and consultants. He has successfully conducted in-house programs for hundreds of search, placement, temporary staffing firms and industry groups across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, England, and South Africa. To learn more about his training products and services, including PETRA ON CALL, and BUSINESS VALUATION, visit www.tpetra.com. Terry can be reached at (651) 738-8561 or email him at Terry@tpetra.com.

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