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How To Make A Successful Hire

Job interviewAn indisputable fact: the job market is heating up. Candidates seeking employment no longer go months without returned phone calls, but rather, quite the opposite. Recently, when speaking with a candidate who declared he was ‘actively looking’ for a new role, I was informed that since beginning his career search just a few days before,  he had received 152 emails regarding job opportunities.

Another candidate, who was directly recruited out of her organization, had to choose from one of four offers – all with a 10% increase in base salary and a significant equity component.

These are all very solid signs that the job market is better than last year. But with a positive shift in the economy comes a new set of challenges that hiring managers must be prepared to combat. In a candidate’s market, what is the best approach when at the offer stage? Below are some suggestions to help you and the team make a successful hire. (more…)

About the author: Joanna Bradley heads up the High Tech Sales and Marketing team at Redfish Technology. She recently made the move from the Newport, Rhode Island office to Redfish headquarters in Sun Valley, Idaho. Joanna graduated with honors from DePaul University with a degree in Marketing. She began recruiting at Redfish in 2006 and it is truly a passion of hers and one she enjoys immensely. Outside the office Joanna and her family are on constant adventures and thoroughly enjoy the nomadic lifestyle. Joanna is an avid runner, hiker and backpacker, and tends to put an emphasis on an outdoor lifestyle. She is also an absolute dog lover and can often be found with her mutt named Batman.

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Application Solution Providers, Inc. 866-764-8324

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