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How Can I Get My Resume Taken Seriously? More Tips From the Experts at nowHIRE

Applying for jobs can be a stressful process. With applicant tracking systems involved, it is even more important that your resume is up to par. In addition to the resume tips from last week, there are a few more things you should do to make sure your resume will be taken seriously.Business woman.

  • Include keywords – certain applicant tracking systems rank applicants higher because their keywords match with what the company offers. However, don’t just stuff your resume with keywords and no content in hopes of getting an interview. At some point a human will look over your resume and realize that there is no content, just keywords and put it in the reject pile.
  • Following up after an interview – during an interview, make sure to ask about the next step of an interview. However if you forget or don’t hear anything from the recruiter, make sure to follow up a week after your initial interview.
  • Create a personal brand – in the technological age, companies are googling your name to find out more about you. What they find is your personal brand or reputation. Make sure your online reputation is something you’re proud of. Places where you can create a personal brand are blogs, twitter, facebook, and online portfolios.

About nowHIRE

Since 1999, nowHIRE has provided applicant tracking software and I-9 compliance systems for companies of every size within diverse vertical markets. nowHIRE’s solutions feature fully integrated, Web-based recruiting and applicant tracking software modules, and customer support. nowHIRE’s flexible solutions allow companies to configure the software to their specific recruiting needs – for hourly, salaried, internal or contingent employees, or any combination thereof. nowHIRE delivers timely, intelligent talent management products that streamline workflow, reduce paper use and save money.

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Application Solution Providers, Inc. 866-764-8324

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