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Gaming Can Be More Than Fun

multipolyAs a child, I never got into it. As a teenager, I tried to forgo the boys who let it consume their whole day. As a spouse, I try to ban it from my living room, and as a mother you want to keep your children away from it as long as you can. Gaming. What is it about games or game mechanics that makes people across generations become addicted? What is it that captivates minds and captures our desire to win?

Gamification has received a lot of attention in the online world. Numbers don’t lie: A recent study by Gartner predicts that by 2014, more than 70 percent of global businesses will have at least one gamified application in their system. A Deloitte White Paper further predicts that gamification will be used in more than 25 percent of redesigned business processes by 2015. That said, there is no way to escape.

A quick recap: Gamification is the use of game mechanics in non-gaming fields. In other words, we give out points, badges, levels, lists, and challenges in a frame of compelling game mechanics to deliver an engaging user experience.

The idea behind gamification is simple: Through the use of games, we become competitive, our desire to win emerges, and we become more engaged in our work. As soon as we play the game, we become part of something bigger that pushes us that extra mile to achieve the next level, make our team proud or win for the greater cause. We stay an hour longer at work, schedule a few more meetings in, and are nicer to our clients. And because we’re being rewarded in the short-run, we increase our engagement and loyalty in the long run.

Looking at it from an HR standpoint, we could really gamify everything from recruiting to performance management. As for recruiting, our ultimate goal is clear: Attract and hire more qualified talent faster than our competitors and at much lower costs. Thanks to application numbers (quantity), cost-per-hire, and on-the-job performance measurement of new hires (quality) we have metrics that are able to track our gamification efforts.

Understanding what gamification can do for us, let’s level up our recruiting game by looking at some companies who have succeeded with it (and give gamification another chance). (more…)

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