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CloudBeat Conference 2013: San Francisco, CA

cloudbeat-akken-saasIt’s no secret that here at Akken, we love the cloud, which is why we also love the idea of a conference solely focused on discussing and celebrating the cloud. VentureBeat’s third annual CloudBeat conference kicked off on September 9th at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco. The conference applauded the great advances that cloud technology has seen in recent years and featured an Innovation Showdown during which SaaS companies were judged on the novelty of their businesses. Totango took home the prize for innovation—their unique service consumes data from external services and receives user behavior signals to help businesses know which customers need help, renewal, upsell, et cetera.

CloudBeat Conference discusses benefits of cloud recruitingThrough a series of breakout sessions, discussions, and case studies, the conference addressed the ways in which cloud computing has made a difference for businesses ranging from startup to enterprise. Because of affordable cloud solutions, hundreds of small businesses have been able to launch and grow with better-managed data and a superior level of service. But small businesses aren’t the only businesses benefiting from the cloud. Recently, large enterprises have also been investing in cloud computing, noting that it has added significant efficiency and flexibility to their companies.

CloudBeat 2013 featured case studies presented by executives from Google, NASA, Disney, General Electric, IBM, Paypal, and many more.  Each discussed the benefits of cloud computing, from seamless accessibility of data to automatically updated changes to every device to integration of multiple programs and services. BeatCloud also tackled some of the bigger questions, such as whether the “cloud vendors to beat” would remain central to the industry or whether newer, more exciting vendors will soon cause heavy competition for these big names. All in all, it seems like CloudBeat 2013 was a tremendous hit for cloud enthusiasts and the cloud-curious alike.

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