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cBizOne is now Exelare for Windows!

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In response to the ever changing technology and recruiting landscape, we have created a robust new cloud connected application to replace cBizOne.  Exelare for Windows offers superior performance when compared with cBizOne and incorporates many new features and improvements!

Existing users of cBizOne can install the new application and immediately start using it on their Microsoft computers. This new application utilizes your existing cBizOne Cloud database, including your customization’s. For a limited time you will be able to switch between Exelare and cBizOne, with the data being shared between the two automatically. We will continue to support cBizOne as needed moving forward until clients are able to and feel comfortable with the new Exelare for Windows application.

The History

cBizOne has been loved by thousands of loyal users since we first released the software in 1999. Of course improvements have continued to be made, but over time operating system versions have changed, and it has become difficult to ensure cBizOne can operate smoothly across a variety of Windows environments. Some of our users have seen performance decline and seen unexplained/intermittent errors as a result. We needed a fresh approach that would build upon the solid foundation of cBizOne and continue to offer our clients cutting edge software made for today’s environments. The solution is Exelare for Windows.

The Solution

We decided to develop a brand new application from scratch. We took everything we already knew about cBizOne, and everything we learned with Exelare, and combined them into an ultra powerful app, Exelare for Windows. You’ll have all the features you love in cBizOne, plus a ton of new features that are sure to be helpful! For a comprehensive list of new features available in Exelare (compared to cBizOne), visit our Knowledge Base article here: http://support.exelare.com/knowledgebase/articles/577641-exelare-for-windows-1-0-a-few-major-features-not

cBizOne users should be very comfortable with the new app since the user interface is very similar to cBizOne. We will however be offering complimentary training and support to all users who want help with the transition.

What Happens Next

We will no longer be selling cBizOne to new clients. We will continue to support cBizOne as needed moving forward until clients are able to and feel comfortable with the new Exelare for Windows application. We will not be adding new features to cBizOne. All new features will be added to Exelare.

Exelare is available to both new and existing users on a limited release. We are slowly allowing clients to upgrade, and will increase the rate at which we allow transitions over the next few months. If you are interested in being part of the early majority during this 1.0 release, please let us know by clicking here:  http://exelare.com/support/exelare-for-windows-signup/

For additional questions about this transition, please visit our dedicated FAQ page here: http://support.exelare.com/knowledgebase/articles/577641-exelare-for-windows-1-0-a-few-major-features-not

We hope you are as excited as we are about this! Exelare for Windows truly is the best of both worlds for both existing cBizOne and Exelare users. Now that cBizSoft will be unified under a single Exelare ‘Brand’ for all of our Recruiting products, we can continue to improve upon the features and functions at a much more rapid rate.

Please be on the lookout for additional announcements regarding Exelare as we continue to grow and shape the software! We look forward to continuing to serve you all, our most valued clients!

Don’t forget to visit our FAQ page for more info, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions by emailing support@cbizsoft.com

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