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The NPT 100: 2012 Edition

The release of The NonProfit TimesNov. 1 issue also marks the release of one of our most popular reports: The NPT 100. This in-depth study ranks the 100 largest nonprofits (by revenue) and offers a wide range of data on those organizations.

The YMCA of USA once again topped all organizations, bringing in $5,986,057,000 in total support for the fiscal year ending 2011. Yet, like most of the NPT 100 organizations, the Y had to look to different sources of revenue faced with dwindling government support and weaker charitable giving from a smaller pool of donors.

NPT’s studies found that program service revenue was the second-largest portion of funds for nonprofits, coming in at $16.767 billion or one-quarter of all funds. Government support was at $11.1 billion, or 16 percent, up from $10.745 billion last year. Other revenue and investment income each contributed about 4 percent to the overall revenue pie, at $2.859 billion and $2.763 billion, respectively.

In terms of expenses, NPT 100 organizations spent $55.416 billion on program, $5.27 billion on administration, and $3.138 billion on fundraising.

Overall, the 24th annual NPT 100 Report received $33.374 billion in public support, falling below 50 percent of their total revenue of $66.875 billion. These same nonprofits saw $33.159 billion amid overall revenue of $64.43 billion last year, almost 51 percent.

To view the full report, visit our website.

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