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June 15 Issue Of The NonProfit Times

 June is one of those special months for readers of The NonProfit Times. Instead of just one issue, we have two with the release of the June 15 edition.

While there is no Special Report in this issue, it still hits some important topics in the nonprofit sector. Let’s take a look at the stories within the pages:
  • Books Without Illumination: In this age of technology, some nonprofits are ditching e-readers in favor of traditional books. Our intrepid reporter Patrick Sullivan takes a look at some of these organizations.
  • Mobile Bids Changing Auctions: In another piece on technology, contributing writer Gary Morton examines how the rise of mobile technology is impacting how auctions are run.
  • Making Fundraising Truly Mobile: In the latest NPT Executive Session, our editor-in-chief, Paul Clolery, talks with Carrie Ann Munk, Ann Andrews Morris, Jennifer Snyder, and Rick Christ about how nonprofits can use online technology to advance their mission.
  • Database Archeology: What are the best ways to sift through your donor databases when it comes to planned giving? This column examines the four best ideas.
  • Challenged Or Driven: John Davidoff of Davidoff Communications wants you to think about whether or your organization is mission-challenged or mission-driven.
  • Who Needs Words?: At the recent Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco, Calif., serial doodler Dan Roam shows how pictures truly are worth a thousand words.
We hope that you will enjoy this latest issue of The NonProfit Times. Check out all of the articles by visiting our website.

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Application Solution Providers, Inc. 866-764-8324

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