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How to Be Effective on Facebook: Tips for Nonprofits

I’ve recently discovered InsideFacebook, a blog dedicated to teaching about and keeping up with how Facebook works.

InsideFacebook recently provided 10 Tips for Non-Profits on Facebook that are extremely helpful, whether your organization is already on Facebook, but looking for ways to make it better, or you are just beginning to move into social networking.

The tips that spoke most eloquently to me were:

  • Make Your Facebook Page Unique. The idea of social networking is to supplement your website. So if you’re just planning to duplicate what is on your site, you are missing the point. Think about creating content that is specifically for Facebook and the kinds of people who hang out there. So supplement, don’t duplicate.
  • Talk Back. Social networks are for conversation, so when your Facebook fans post messages and information on your Facebook wall, answer back. You don’t have to reply to everything, but do check in daily to see what has been said and if you can answer with something helpful. You might be able to field a question, offer some empathy for a supporter’s situation, or point the person to some helpful information.
  • Create an App, Game or Quiz. It is the interactivity that marks social media as “social.” Develop creative ways to help your supporters stay engaged by using a special app, design a quiz, or take a poll on some question. Make it fun to come to your Facebook page and see your number of fans escalate.

There are seven more tips at the InsideFacebook blog with a bunch of examples and screen shots. This would be a wonderful resource to bookmark and share with your organization’s staff.


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How to Be Effective on Facebook: Tips for Nonprofits originally appeared on About.com Nonprofit Charitable Orgs on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 at 01:00:55.

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