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Cause of the Week: Operatic Experience Inc.

Operatic Experience, Inc., a New Jersey-based organization, sponsors the Italian Operatic Experience Summer Program. The program helps students to bridge the gap between opera-related studies, such as voice, piano, conducting, stage direction, set and costume design, and the professional operatic world.

Operatic Experience, Inc. does that through its Tuscany-based summer program that features:

  • Intensive courses of important operatic languages
  • Cultural experience and interaction
  • Tutelage by international renowned opera professionals
  • Preparation and performance of scenes, programs, and a complete opera.

Marianne Pruiksma, Artistic Director, said, “Being an International Opera singer, I know the difficulty and costs involved for great training and to be given a chance to learn and perform complete roles on stage with an orchestra. I founded this company in 2006 to present the experiences needed, to preserve Opera, Italian language and culture.

“The economic situation here in the US has cut funding to the arts drastically. There is a need for help from supporters to give scholarships to our students or support our orchestra. We are creating jobs, giving students experience, and keeping the Italian language, opera, and culture alive in our youth.

“The one very best thing about our cause, Italian Operatic Experience, is that over the past 5 years its faculty members, international operatic performers, voice teachers, stage directors, conductors, and orchestra are hired because of their passion for working one-on-one with young voice students and accompanists for a 5-week period in Italy. The students pay to be able to work with all of us and drink in our knowledge. These students are able to work with individuals that they ordinarily would never have the opportunity to.

“With the intensive Italian language classes, diction, voice, coaching, acting, and stage direction the students are prepared to perform all roles in the fully staged, with orchestra, Italian Opera that culminates the program.

“The experience for the students is multifaceted. Not only do they get to perform under the tutelage of renown performers, they make networking connections that can help them get into graduate studies at Universities, and even get jobs working with some of the stage directors or conductors. They are taught the Italian language by native speakers, experience Italian art and music history every day, and get to know the Italian culture.

“Some of these students will never be able to travel to Italy again, so this becomes a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ educational experience.

“The one best thing for me is to be able to work with all of these fabulous individuals each summer.”

What You Can Do:

  • Visit this organization’s beautiful website
  • Contact the organization at 1-201-773-0773 or send in a check for your support to:

    Italian Operatic Experience
    P.O. Box 113
    Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
  • Sponsor a student by offering a gift of a full scholarship
  • Sponsor a student by offering a gift to pay for accommodations
  • Sponsor the orchestra

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Cause of the Week: Operatic Experience Inc. originally appeared on About.com Nonprofit Charitable Orgs on Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 at 06:00:16.

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