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Best Links: Sustainable Social Media, Stealth Interviews, and the Aging Brain


Jordan Viator, posting at Connection Cafe, has provided some wonderful examples of Getting Creative with Online Fundraising: 10 Campaigns Using Mission Inspired Gifts aka Gift Catalogues. If you need ideas about how to offer your donors more engagement through their gifts, this is a great resource.

Allyson Kapin, at Frogloop, explores some terrific advice from Mal Warwick, guru of direct mail fundraising. Learn about the new fundraising landscape and what today’s donor most wants in these two articles:

New Guiding Principles for Fundraising

Deepening Your Donors Commitment

Social Media

Are your social media efforts sustainable? Find out what that means and about the 10 Trends in Sustainable Social Media from Debra Askanase at Community Organizer 2.0.

The Agitator expounds on some data about Hispanics Using Social Media. This post is a great jumping off point for all of us concerned with reaching this audience.

Twitter is my favorite social media tool, so I really enjoyed this article by Lisa Barone in Small Business Trends: 20 Reasons People Unfollow You On Twitter


The Agitator writes about The Middle-Aged Brain, in a post that is more than applicable for marketing and fundraising.

Bill Jacobs addresses the other end of the generational spectrum in Want to attract younger donors? Hire younger people.

Meanwhile, Katya Andresen tells us Why Millennials Are Going to Keep You on Your Toes

Food for Thought

In Tragic oil spill offers crucial lesson for all nonprofits, Eric Foley, of Transformational Giving, uses BP’s sad response to some creative efforts by earnest volunteers to help as an object lesson for nonprofits.

Loved BL Ochman’s whatsnextblog post, The Stealth Interview, yet another reason to think before you hit “Submit”. More reasons to say less rather than more when online.

Justin Wandro, of Nonprofit Success, shares a personal special moment he had recently, the insight he gained, and poses an important question for all of us in Life and Death – No time to dilly dally.

Not-to-Miss Webinars

More than 70 percent of nonprofits are either working on or thinking about re-designing their websites at any given time, so Blackbaud is offering a free web seminar entitled Indestructible Design to help nonprofits develop effective website design strategies. The date is May 25th.

Network for Good offers a free webinar, Is Your Nonprofit Facebook Page Worth It? Learn how to quantify what your organization gets out of Facebook. The webinar is on May 25th.

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