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Best Links: Big Thoughts on Social Media, Your Own iPhone App, and a Cookie with a Mission

  • Social Media on TED. TED is all about big ideas from minds that soar. Mashable recommends 5 TED Talks about social media. These are recorded and include the likes of Clay Shirkey and Seth Godin.

  • 10 Tips for Managing Social Media Burnout. Heather Mansfield, of Nonprofit Tech 2.0, saved herself from hari kari over her social media. Now she shares her story with all of us who are on the edge.

  • There Is More to Using Texting Than Just Raising Money. W3wb.com provides 10 examples of nonprofits using texting for purposes beyond giving. What could your nonprofit do with texting?

  • The Power of Facts and Stories. Terry Axelrod explains how to let donors know the results of their gifts. Don’t just let donations fall into a black hole. Spend some time relating what those dollars accomplished.

  • Bulk Mailing: Cut Your Postage Costs in Half. Justin Wandro of Nonprofit Success tells how to keep those nasty postage bills in line.

  • How National Service Could Solve Unemployment. John Bridgeland, writing at The Case Foundation blog, makes a strong case for using our existing infrastructure of volunteer service as a way to solve the unemployment problem. He envisions another Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

  • How to Turbocharge Your Video Marketing. Gail Hyman, of Jewish Philanthropy, writes that the point of video for nonprofits is not to produce a “hit” but to use video frequently to stay in front of your supporters. These days it is a whole lot easier and much cheaper.

  • What Can a Cookie Do? While you’re considering video, take a look at this Girl Scout PSA. Can cookies have a mission? Yes, and they do.

  • Could Your Org Have an iPhone App? Social Fish did it and Maddie Grant explains how. She says the process was easy but recommends starting small. Try out Social Fish’s app and check out a hearty list of resources.

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