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Best Links: An Oily Crisis, Infographics, How to Sell an Idea


Are fundraisers and program staff at your organization even on the same planet? Heidi Massey, on Pamela Grow’s blog, asks Fundraisers and Program Professionals: Can’t Everyone Just Get Along?

Janet Levine, of the Too Busy to Fundraise blog, suggests that actually getting something done in fundraising is a little like planning a trip. Try out her terrific to-do list and you’ll be on your way to success.

I couldn’t help but think of nonprofit fundraising when I read Fast Company’s Abracadabra Moments, the Opening Line You Should Never Use, and 10 More Ways to Sell Ideas. These points come right out of Sam Harrison’s book, IdeaSelling: Successfully Pitch Your Creative Ideas to Bosses, Clients and Other Decision Makers.

Social Media

B.L Ochman, of WhatsNextBlog, provides 7 reasons social media won’t work for your company. Although this post is directed at businesses, it is quite applicable to nonprofits as well.

Twitter is a great place to “listen.” Beth Kanter suggests you engage in Actionable Listening: Learning from Watching Other Nonprofits, and provides an easy way to do that.


There has been so much written about the question of judging nonprofits based on financials that I’ve begun not paying attention. But Mal Warwick, writing at GreatNonprofits, tapped my interest again with his cogent list of nine reasons Why financial ratios aren’t the way to evaluate nonprofit organizations.


Itching to make a snazzy infographic that will explain your data? Rebecca Leaman, of Wild Apricot, lists some resources that your organization can use to bring those stats to life in Make Your Own Infographic.

Speaking of infographics, check out this cute one at PalmettoWriter. Rebecca Martell jumps off from this graphic to a discussion of how to deal with the clutter that comes from unwanted donations at nonprofits. She says, in short, Get Rid of It and tells us how.

Carrie Green, of BeyondNines, has put together a couple of helpful posts about mobile giving. One of them contains a chart comparing the features and costs of vendors working with mobile, plus valuable advice for nonprofits about the whys and wherefores of using mobile to fundraise.

Food for Thought

If you are a nonprofit that has not gotten any money from oil giant and now major polluter, BP, thank the fates. Katya Andresen of Getting to the Point, asked Nancy Schwartz, of Getting Attention, You’re the PR person for a green charity funded by BP: What to do, what to say? The result is great advice for any charity that finds itself in a suddently unsavory alliance.

Mark Horoszowski, of helpinghelp, hosts the Nonprofit Blog Carnival this month with some meaty examples of blog posts that explore How Can Nonprofits Provide Value to Constituents?. Included are examples from a couple of nonprofits that show how they leverage volunteers and other supporters.

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