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Resume Builder Sites

Resume builders don’t all work exactly the same way, but basically, when you use an online resume builder you upload or add your personal information and employment history and the resume builder creates a resume for you. 

There are a variety of resume builder sites where you can create an online version of your resume. Resume builder options typically include printable resumes, exportable resumes, and online resumes you can download and/or share.  Some resume builders provide users with a URL i.e. resumebuilder.com/yourname you can use to share and promote your resume online.

Before you start using an online resume builder, review what options are included.  Some resume builders allow users to export their resume in a variety of formats (Word, PDF, RFT, text, etc.).   Other options including translating your resume into a selection of languages, and downloading and/or sharing options so you can easily provide your resume to hiring managers and networking contacts.

Check pricing, as well.  Some so-called free resume builders charge for printing or other services, others really are free.  Read the fine print to see what’s including to make sure the resume builder you choose has the options you need.

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