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How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

When you’re job searching, and even if you’re not, LinkedIn is a site that everyone who is thinking about a career or a job change or even the possiblity of unemployment should be using.

It’s important to start using LinkedIn before you need it. Creating a LinkedIn Profile, building a network of connections, and joining relevant Groups takes a bit of time.  So, taking the time in advance will help you be well positioned to job search, when and if you have to. 

That said, if you suddenly lose your job, don’t worry – just get started as soon as you can.    How to state your employment status and what to include in your Profile can be confusing if you’re unemployed.  These tips include examples of what to include in your LinkedIn Profile if you’re unemployed.

 Here’s how to use LinkedIn to find a job, including how to increase your visibility and connections, so employers and recruiters can find you.  And here are  more tips to ensure that you’re not missing out and you’re using the full power of LinkedIn to network and job search.

In addition, the LinkedIn About.com Careers and Job Search Group is an excellent source of advice from career experts, discussion on job search topics, and job leads.

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How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job originally appeared on About.com Job Searching on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 at 07:54:50.

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