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CareerBuilder Super Bowl Commercials

CareerBuilderFor the sixth year in row, CareerBuilder is heading to the Super Bowl.  This year, the commercials (three are in the running for the Super Bowl spot) feature ads from everyday consumers who entered and won the HireMyTVAd contest.  

There were three winners selected, all of whom get a prize, but only one (not the ad that was too hot for TV) will be featured on game day.   Take a look at CareerBuilder’s commercials - Job Fairy, (very) Casual Friday,  and Worst Seat – and vote for your favorite.

The focus of the ads is fitting in at work. In conjunction with the ad campaign, CareerBuilder surveyed to see how employees got along with their colleagues. Almost 40%, and more women than men, didn’t feel like they fit in and were considering whether they should start to job search.  Given some of the crazy behavior reported, starting a job search might be a good idea for some of the workers:

  • Co-worker ate the cheese off the pizza box at a company meeting.
  • Co-worker talks openly about flatulence.
  • Co-worker in the cubicle next to me wears 3-D glasses with the lenses removed.
  • Co-worker repeatedly bangs a mallet on the table for no apparent reason.
  • Co-worker whistles 8 hours a day.
  • Co-worker chews tobacco and spits it into empty soda bottles
  • Former boss brought a baby sippy cup to a meeting and started drinking out of it.
  • Co-worker cleaned fingernails using a counterpart’s business card while sitting in their office 

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CareerBuilder Super Bowl Commercial Image Copyright CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder Super Bowl Commercials originally appeared on About.com Job Searching on Friday, February 5th, 2010 at 06:00:03.

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