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Lexington: The endless campaign

BARACK OBAMA, as many an indignant talk-show host is eager to remind his audience, is loafing by the seaside in the millionaires’ playground of Martha’s Vineyard. Congress has been in recess for weeks. Millions of humbler Americans are spending a few days fishing, camping or lounging on less exclusive beaches. But the dogged crew competing to become the Republican Party’s nominee for president is hard at work, pressing the flesh in states with early primaries. With the first of those scarcely five months away, and the general election only nine months after that, they have no time for leisure.Presidential campaigns are nigh on interminable. This year’s officially began in January, almost 22 months before the election. That was considered sluggish by recent standards: several of those hoping to be elected president in 2008 formally entered the race in 2006. Anyone jumping in less than 18 months ahead of election day in early November is thought to be cutting things dangerously fine. Yet not that long ago the norm was closer to a year. Bill Clinton signed on for the election of 1992 in October 1991. Richard Nixon…

Application Solution Providers, Inc. 866-764-8324

Application Solution Providers, Inc. 866-764-8324

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