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California property: Beverly Hills flop

IT HAPPENS a lot these days in southern California. A homeowner falls on hard times and has to move from his house, renting it out to make ends meet. But if that house happens to sit on a few acres of Beverly Hills, there may be one difference. The rent is $600,000. A month.That is what Leonard Ross, a financier and socialite—his party buddies include Hugh Hefner and Prince Albert of Monaco—is asking for his Beverly House, as it is called. In the year since he himself moved out, he has already had two tenants, one “a Russian”, the other “a Middle-Easterner”. They are the sort for whom price hardly matters. What they want instead, he says, are security (bulletproof windows, monitored gates) and the “experience”.That experience might be described as a caricature of Beverly Hills civilisation. The place is a palace—17 to 21 bedrooms, “depending how they’re used”, not counting the discos, saunas, cinemas and so forth. The style, if that is the word, is somewhere between kitsch and sublimity, with Graeco-Roman columns here, Babylonian motifs there, some Versailles and Neuschwanstein, a bit of Zen Buddhism, some…

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